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Hello everyone!

HaitokuHaitoku Member Posts: 4

I'm thinking of playing this game. SInce i'm burned out on FFXI and EQII (played eq2 for a  few days before i got sick of it lol).

a few questions for anyone that can help me...

I this game open pvp, and if so... do a lot of people go noob hunting O_O.

and is this game fun?


  • solnicarissolnicaris Member Posts: 148


    PvP can happen anywhere except in towns. There are some noob hunters but the area is policed by higher level characters looking to kill them. Just try to hunt in a group of at least two if you are worried about this.

    I have fun with the game now. I was in a slump when WoW and EQ2 came out it took a lot of people away from the clan and it seemed L2 lost a few players. But i'm sticking too it :) Kinda have to for a while anyway I want a castle before I quit :)

    If you do decide to give it a try I am on Erica and will give ya some tips or even a spot in the clan if you are interested in that aspect of the game too.

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  • ConfettiConfetti Member Posts: 167

    PvP does not occur as much and as often as people think. Or maybe it's just Erica server. (: I've been playing this game for a month now, and maybe stumbled upon two or three reds. The shout channel goes insane when they see someone red, and you suffer huge consequences if you are red. You will always drop an item if you die when you are red, you aren't allowed in town, and will be killed on the spot if you stumble upon any guards or any forest guards. It isn't fun being red. :/ I was killed ONCE when I was below level 20, besides that, I have not been touched. (:


    Good luck + Have fun! Oh and, I play on Erica. (: The name is Else. :D Lemme know if you ned any help or anything!

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