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What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

AntiheroDAntiheroD Member UncommonPosts: 43

I used to come here every day. Ive learned alot coming here. but to be honest, the 2 billion add's just make this place a pain in the arse to come here anymore and by no means do i have a slow comp or bad connections.

Im all for making a buck. but this is over kill and rediculous.. And to add add space on the news feed.. good lord that is just retarded..


GG, taking business tips form SOE didnt you??

You know Im think it might be time to up how much you charge for banner space and do less banners seeing as you have such a Hugh follow of people. And so many companys actually want to put banners here..but before you start loosing people who come here for the info..

Oh and can you email me when you do drop some of the banners so i can come back...


Thanks in advance




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