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Graal The Adventure

Graal has been a game i've been enjoying for 10 years. Definately a game you'll love. You should check it out, especailly Zelda Lovers.

Check it out.


  • KingScarKingScar Member Posts: 70

    From what i very breifly looked through on that link it looked like a mixture between,Pokemon and Zelda which both were classics for their time but,not now.It has gameboy color graphics and,probably AWFUL gameplay.If you find any other games you'd like to post about on here,i'd be happy to critize them as well...=]


  • TryggviTryggvi Member Posts: 83

    Actually the gameplay is pretty fun.  Press space bar to swing your sword, you can bind items to keys (like Zelda) from your inventory.  You could also open a template for any body part/weapon in paint, create a new one, and send it to the GMs to upload so you could run around with the sword and face you designed.  Graal Kingdoms is different though.  It's still fun.  I remember me and a group of friends built a ship and sailed to an island.  We created a fort and filled it with art, loot, etc.  We sailed away for a few hours killing some people on other islands and when we got back to our fort we found tons of people destroying it and stealing our stuff.  Another good addition to Graal is the playerworlds.  It has a built in map maker and you can teach yourself scripts quite easily.  They had a server called Era or something and it was like a Zelda version of Grand Theft Auto.  It had gangs, hit men, all kinds of guns, cars, motorcycles.  This game is actually more of a sandbox game than any other.  I should start playing again, it's been YEARS.  The only problem I could see is the population might be way too low.

  • DevourDevour Member Posts: 902

    Yeah, Graal used to be great, until they started charging something ridiculous to play it.


  • TryggviTryggvi Member Posts: 83

     Yeah, it had some great Role Playing servers too.  It's amazing that something with only about 100 players on max, and with super nintendo graphics, was able to immerse me into the world as much as Graal did.  I loved designing my own swords, shields, and heads.

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