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Thoughts on NEW CLASS!! {mod edit}



  • Maj_ScienceMaj_Science Member Posts: 107
    Originally posted by Stellos

    I'm all about crafting, but I don't see this game taking that approach.  This is going to be a linear, action based MMORPG with next to no sandbox style play.  Therefore, I would predict that the crafting system will be limited and will mirror something like WARs crafting system oppose to something like SWG.  I suppose we could always hope for a crafting push though:)


    So a system that requires you to get into the thick of it instead of just hanging out in the background spinning out blaster rifles while other classes do all the grunt work?   That sounds like a plan...

  • RoosterNashRoosterNash Member Posts: 283
    Originally posted by Vanive

    Imperial Spy image

    Jedi Knight image

    Tomorrow is Jedi FYI



    I called the "Spy" class long ago. Not sure where the post is, but if someone looks waaaayyyyy back within these forums you'll find it. Yeah. Awesome. I know.


    And that, folks, is the class that I plan on being: Spy. Word.

    THE Rooster Nash

  • AstralglideAstralglide Member UncommonPosts: 686
    Originally posted by greed0104

    Originally posted by pmcubed

    I was just wondering what everyone would think if ....
    out of your 4 choices on each side, they made a crafter class???   I bet you would get some mixed reactions. 
    Just imagine it happened, what would be your reaction?
    Think of the limitations in combat profession choices.  Does it outweigh the versatility you could have with a crafter? 


    Why a crafter class? Why not just classes with actual professions, that actually work like professions with the complexity or fun factor you are seeking. And I'm pretty sure they said, people can focus primarily on crafting with their characters,

    I agree. Crafting should be something that adds flavour to your current character. Especially in a game with instances and Raids, I'm not sure how they would fit other than be sentient bots. If you are looking for a game where you can just be a crafter, try Ryzom

    A witty saying proves nothing.

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