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Games as an art form?

GintohGintoh Member UncommonPosts: 329

Don't get me wrong, i love games, but i simply think they are not an art form or atleast not high art. i mean look at games with supposeadely great narratives, Nioshock, Mass Effect ect. All of these games' narratives are on par with a slightly above average movie but no whare near fantastc. the plots in them are ment to be interesting but not neccisarily to explore complex themes like other art forms do. I guess the reason why I have this opinion is because games, by definition, bust be entertaining whare as in my opinion the best films and books ect. are not. Just take a look a Ulyssees (sp?) one of the greatest books ever written, but it's torture to read. What do you guys think? Why?


  • haelikothhaelikoth Member Posts: 116

    imo games are an art form. however they are in their own genre and shouldn't be judge in the same way one would judge books, music, and film. while games a story element similar to mainstream media, they have an interaction and immersion part similar to performing arts.


  • havok527havok527 Member Posts: 80

    I think some games can be considered as an art form because some have amazingly intricate and complex storylines and character development such as Metal Gear Solid 4. But I don't think society will ever perceive video games as a higher art.

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