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  • zoomcnszoomcns Member UncommonPosts: 21

    Don't worry, no one got into beta recently because we're busy preparing the next testing stage, so you didn't miss anything :) Meanwhile we're of course accepting registrations, and will be processing them soon.

  • freejackmackfreejackmack Member Posts: 378

    I got a warm tingly feeling after I read this -

    More than 30 various robots, hundreds of equipment items

    Robots can be specialized in several kind of operations or tactics. The only barrier is your imagination.

    From videos it looks like a first person shooter mmo. Is it?

    I found more info and it does not seem like a fpsmmo but the combat is better because you can move via wasd so at least there is more to it that orbit at ????m or run way and pursue nonsense and double click to move.

    We need a mech mmo very badly.


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