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Hi there.

A quick question.


Ive have just cleaned my monitor , but this time i used Dish soup, and my screen got plenty of lines all over some places of the screen.


Is my screen broken or , will it get better when it dries ? , "If it needs to".

Generaly i am asking someone who knows.


Screen specc

Samsung Syncmaster 940BW

Its a TFT i think



System Specc
Intel I7 4770K 3,5 ghz
16Gb RAM 1600 mhz
Nvidia GTX 780


  • dreamsfadedreamsfade Member UncommonPosts: 339

    oh man i think you may have just screwed up, but hopefully i'm wrong. remember google is your friend!!!

    here is a helpful link and they're plenty more if u just search google


    "# Charles said:

    Dish soap isn't soap, it's almost always detergent. I recommend against it. Soap is a pretty safe cleaner for most surfaces, it's even used in some circumstances for art conservation etc. but I sure wouldn't put it on an LCD.

    BTW, lens cleaner and eyeglass cleaner is the same 50/50 formula I described. And most better CRT monitors have an antiglare optical coating almost identical to the coating on camera lenses and eyeglasses, the antireflective coating will be degraded over time with paper towels and windex, I use the 50/50/flannel solution on my expensive Sony 20" CRT too.

    I spend a lot of time cleaning my optics. I had the antiglare optical coating put on my eyeglasses and boy did I regret it, it was much harder to clean without streaks, showed fingerprints more than uncoated lenses, and I felt like my glasses were constantly dirty and blurry. My optician gave me a new cool microfiber polymer cloth that is extremely soft and will lift fingerprints and gunk from eyeglasses without using any liquids, it's amazing. Might be worth checking out this cloth for CRT and LCD cleaning, it's only like $3 at your local eyeglass shop.

    on April 21, 2003 01:10 AM


    source: cleaning lcd screens


    again if your not sure always search first.

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