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Can you truly call yourself a HardCore Gamer? THX for ur reply. ~O.O~

I don't know what would classify somebody as a "hardcore" gamer. The amount of games owned and or played. How interested and invlolved you are in gaming. How many hours a week you devote to gaming.How much knowledge you hold about games and the industry. Or if you play online with other players. All of these or a combination of these or if you just really like to play games.

When can you truly call yourself a HardCore Gamer? Can you even call yourself one or does it take a gaming community to "knight" you as a Hardcore Gamer? When do you transition from a casual gamer to become a hardcore gamer? How many and what different classifications of gamers are there?

Often do I see the name in magazines, news posts, and gameshows. So I ask you, the gaming community: writers, editors, reviewers, previewers,and of course gamers: What makesone a "Hardcore" gamer?




  • freeleefreelee Member Posts: 102

    in relation to your 3rd picture : i would assume you can still be a hardcore gamer while still having a life, otherwise its not a label id ever want to have.

    i dont think i could be considered a hardcore gamer, but im not a casual either, im sort of in the middle with a lean towards hardcore


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