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What to play city of heroes or Champions Online

RydekRydek Member Posts: 35

Ok so im wanting to play one of these two games

All i really know is they are both quite alike due to developers and that city oh heroes has about 4-5 years of more content ect

But whati want to know is, which is a better game that i will enjoy, which has a higher population. And strengths and weaknesses of both games? 

Thanks alot guys hope i get a few replys :)


  • jg0530jg0530 Member Posts: 47

    CoH. They updated a lot of it due to CO being released. I played it for a long time and had a lot of fun in it. CO I made the HUGE MISTAKE of buying the Lifetime membership after OB, played for 2 weeks and was bored. $200 out the damn window.

  • metallihammetalliham Member Posts: 94

    Both have amazing character creating.

    Both are boring straight grinds.

    I'd say CO. I liked it better than CoH, (where a lot of people just stood around in cities cybering).

  • kastakasta Member Posts: 512

     Having played both and still being subscribed to CoH, I'd say CoH.  I just find it be more fun.

  • NovaKayneNovaKayne Member Posts: 743

    CO has a lot more options on the character design, mainly in abilities and such.  However, it is easy to pick powers that sound kewl but do not work together very well.


    CO has a much greater potential than CoX does.  It is a lot of fun and an ALT-ohaulics wet dream.  It is lacking a bit in content but, that will come soon enough. 


    It is very much a casual player hgame.

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  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    I personally found the combat in CO alot more fun and well it has more of a heroic feeling than coh does.

  • RavingRabbidRavingRabbid Member UncommonPosts: 1,168


    Not sure if CO has this but when i played COH under the staue in Paragon City they had costume contests. I had a heronine with the sleeziest outfit so I had a higher chance to win. Do they still have the costume contests?

    Anyway Havent played Co but COH had alot of content when i played.

    (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Dances with cute bikini clad super heroine)

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  • junzo316junzo316 Member UncommonPosts: 1,712

    CO is lacking a lot of content.  Many players actually complain about the content gaps that they come across while leveling.  Usually around lvl 29.  It plays like a single player action game.  The combat is entertaining and the ability to pick out of any poer set is a nice touch, but be careful, people tend to gimp themselves.


    CoH has a lot more content than CO, but it is VERY repetitious.  The team combat is unparalleled with other games I have played.  The action fast and fluid.  I left the game when the AE cam out.  There was a lot of farming (doing one mission over and over to gain xp) going on.  It was really hard to get groups together for content other than the AE.  I have heard that this has sinced eased a bit and that NCSoft is further discouraging farming of the AE missions by reducing the XP on the missions that don't conform to their ideas of how a mission should work (minions, lieut and boss) which is nice to here.


    CoH has a trial, I believe, so try it.  If ya don't like it, try to get a buddy key for CO to try it out.

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