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how much did you spent in your MMORPG??



  • metalhead980metalhead980 Member Posts: 2,658

    Considering the amount of joy i've gotten from MMO's I could spend twice as much and be fine.

    PLaying: EvE, Ryzom

    Waiting For: Earthrise, Perpetuum

  • FreeticketFreeticket Member Posts: 1

    if the game is good enough and worth to be paid for, i will spend the necessary money on it. i play Mabinogi now and i spend $ 80 (basic game service ) on it at least per month.

  • repapipsrepapips Member Posts: 450

    about $1300... I play Wow and Ragnarok


  • omni40omni40 Member Posts: 22

    lets see a 3 year sub of  SWG  with 2 accounts --$1,520 dollors

                    a 2 year  sub of  WOW  only 1 account --$560

                    a 2 year  sub of COH    only 1 account --$560

    game coast  SWG X2,  JTL X2 , wookie X2 ------$240

    game credits--------------ebay-------------------------$100

    game coast  COH COV,--------------------------------$90

    game coast GUILD WAR-------------------------------$60

    game coast EQ2------------------------------------------$60

    total MMO fun----------------------------------------------$3590 us give or take

    and i love every min of it

  • nywlanasnywlanas Member Posts: 334

    currently, i spend zero, nada, zilch. hahaha. im playing atlantica online and their software can be downloaded for free. there are also no ingame expenses. yey!

  • YuramikoYuramiko Member Posts: 176

    I have already spent alot playing mmorpg. That is why I'm currently trying out free online games for now, is it fun right?

  • mdjhmdjh Member Posts: 12

    Which is better? Pre-charged games or so-called free games that you pay in a different way self-willingly?

  • slalposlalpo Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by XO1988

    Originally posted by Asiak

    An estimated $550ish for 2 1/2 years of SWG.  (No regrets)
    $50 for  WoW.
    $50 for Guildwars.
    $50 for Eq1 plus $20 for an actually great little behind the scene book on it.
    $50 for Eq2 plus I think $20 for the EQ2 players guide.
    $50 for Vanguard
    $80 Age of Conan Collector's Edition.
    Now everything under SWG I played for like a month or two so thats not counting $15 or $30 here or there for subscription fees.
    Grand total is roughly,  $800.
    Trying out and having fun in Second Life for a brief time without buying ANYTHING . . . priceless.
    EDIT :  That is not counting my $1000 beautiful new computer.  I say this because I chose this new computer somewhat for the MMOs that the 360 (Aoc not withstanding) Wii and PS3 don't have.

     you are playing so many games...could you balance them - -? i just play games freely...i don't think games are worth spending money..

    Your thought is haven't enter into the deep hole of games......well done


  • ohmybabyohmybaby Member Posts: 17

    i don't spend that kind of money on any mmo's... i just play hard and find some rare items and sell it...

  • kengiczarkengiczar Member Posts: 95

    5x12x4x2.. that's 5 dollars times all those numbers for runescape, me and my bro

    then 200 bux on this one 2.5d top down "free to play" game ...damn you item malls!!

    then probably 600-720 on wow subscriptions?? besides 150 on the expansions and original game for my brother and myself..

    right now..right now i'm not paying for anything darnit.  I expect FUN and quality.  I'd rather have features left out instead of have them done to 75% completion at launch..

    There is nothing out which I want to pay for right now, plain and simple.

  • vonkeitzvonkeitz Member Posts: 166

    why should i pay if there's a free to play.. so it cost me nothing except for the electricity bill hahahah

  • kimz0nekimz0ne Member Posts: 3



                                          I think,  I spent 1,000.00+ a month for buying cards



  • GameMODGameMOD Member UncommonPosts: 32

    guyz your to rich.... if you know im just trying my luck online every 24 hours just to see good and items to sell or to trade...

    but i never use my own money in-game! just work hard 


  • calvin80calvin80 Member Posts: 20

    10$ -20$ every month.

  • jcurdmanjcurdman Member Posts: 5

    Well for me, I spent almost $200.:D

  • calwencalwen Member Posts: 9

    i play f2p games too, but I still spend a lot in their cash shop. ^^

  • EkhnatonEkhnaton Member Posts: 19

    Usually play free mmos, but sometimes the premium membeship... :) so, about $200 last 4 years

  • NeoWolf73NeoWolf73 Member UncommonPosts: 29

    Lots and lots.. enough to make me cringe when I consider it lol

  • JonathanQ917JonathanQ917 Member Posts: 8

    Damn I want to thank everyone who posted and espesially the person who started this thread....made me go back and count....4 WoW accoutns and 3 eve online accounts active a month.............started playing eve a year ago and WoW since october 2005....definatly need to cancel a few of my accounts. Thanks guys!(and gals)


    Edit- Oh right I forgot to mention my WAR and LOTRO accounts and RUNESCAPE and many otehrs like maplestory etc rofl..

  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Member UncommonPosts: 2,759

    damn... well thats pretty tough, but between all of the MMOS ive played just in the past 3 years or so, adding up costs of purchasing, subscriptions, expansions, and money spent in cash shops of multiple F2P games.... Probably about $8k-10k in 3 years. My bro has probably spent the same, perhaps even slightly more as he continues playing the f2p game weve spent the most money on for several months while i havent been playing it anymore.

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