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Champions Online money spent well....mini mini review


I purchased Champions Online and was pleased that my 49.99 was spent well.  BUT.....now here is a big BUTT... I discontinued my subscription therefore I only have the 30 days free trial to use.  Which is SUBSTANTIAL... 

I have to say as a hardcore gamer I hated the tutorial since I really did not need it...which not skipping a tutorial may upset a few who are savvy with these types of games and can figure it out without tool tips pooping out... rest assured you only need to complete it once...


Character Creation.... yes  you can actually create star wars , V for vendetta, lara croft....etc...characters...its not spore game however its sufficient to get some new and used ideas out....  I swear any game that lets me make a dragon ball z character deserves big praise...  You will be making a character till all your creative juices are burnt out.


Well I personally hate the shaded idea, however it will get some use to, however much of the powers are animated sufficiently that they dont create as much of a lag... The landscaped is somewhat original but much of the concept has come from my beloved City of Heroes...which is fine with me.  I have to say sometimes I feel I am playing in playdoh land...though...its okay really...  The characters look great and their mechanics are fluid...  I just really enjoy the fact that there are many graphic options to choose from...


I have to say it has been pretty decent, "one server to rule them all."  There have been some crashes, server lag but nothing serious...cough cough like Aion...cough cough...


I have no complaints about the music, it matches perfectly.  Overall I have noticed little hiccups here and there but nothing major.  I usually don't emphasize on the music as much since I usually listen to my own tunes while playing.


The story is well....kiddish.  Which is OKAY...just I would have preferred a more gothic approach like DC comics batman.  While I would not recommend as going as deep as spawn a more emotional approach to the main characters should have been implemented.  It sort of feels like the original dramatic xmen cartoon going into xmen evolution kiddish style.

I find the UI to bit overwhelming at first, however i cant really comment on it since  I have not been able to fully play with it but I seriously do not like my world handle to show everytime I type. Which leads to my other con...


If you notice most people dont talk and the MAIN REASON, your world handle shows.  So ultimately people you dont like will know you created another character so BE VERY WAREY WHO YOU ADD TO FRIENDS LIST.

Overall CO deserves your 49.99 however it may not deserve a full subscription only because the replay value is lacking.  30 days should be sufficient for you to realize if the game is right for you.  This is one of those games that you either hate it or love and I honestly have to say I would only continue my subscription if I can not find another game to play which presently I am pretty preoccupied....

HOWEVER and this might shock some I would definitely consider this game over AION....anytime....(here come the arguments :P )







  • talismen351talismen351 Member Posts: 1,124

    Not a bad review...but personally I don't think this game is worth the 50bucks.

    You can turn off the shaders, makes things look alot better. And character creation is top notch and almost a mini game in itself!

    Quests/story is pretty boring...go kill this, go talk to that person and so on....not much to care about. Replayability is the killer...there is none. No matter what kind of build or character you decide on, you will always have to run threw the same missions. Doing the exact same thing over and over.

    My eight year old son love the character creation. He just plays for trying out the new powers he can find. But even he hates the fact that every character he creates, he still has to go threw the same quests/missions. 

    It is really a shame that so much work was done into character creation, but really little on the game world itself. Small and boring pretty much covers it. All small zones really kill the game.


  • HardangerHardanger Member Posts: 226

    I like this game a lot.  A lot a lot. 

    Obviously, character creation is wonderful!  The best the genre has to offer, by far.  My only complaint is that there are so many options, I can never settle on a character!   :P

    At first, the graphics bothered me.  But after a bit, I started to really love them.  I always ended up turning the quality down so it wasn't so intense, but still unique and interesting.  The character models are great, the landscapes are interesting, and from day one you can be soaring above them or sprinting across them.  It's really great and makes one feel very involved in the whole world.  The best part of this is that you always feel like you are playing something really unique and special - which you are.

    Stability is fine, music is fine (allthough after playing WoW and WAR, it feels a bit underdone).

    The story is generally interesting and the zones are so different from each other that it holds your interest for longer than some other games.

    The UI is actually very nice, and after I temperarily (sp?) quit I found myself missing it. 

    I really don't mind the World Handle thing.  It means you are extra careful not to piss people off (lol).  The one-server thing would be nice if I had any friends who played... But the two friends that I have that are interested in MMO's play WoW.

    I quit after my first month was up and went to play WoW... But I found myself missing the character creation, travel powers, AWESOME combat, and sheer fun factor of this game.  I am joining again just in time for Blood Moon - so expect to see me running around as a crazed werewolf.

    Finally, I agree with the OP about Aion.  I tried it, HATED it, left it after two days.  It was a boring, cookie-cutter MMO that had nothing even remotely cool to hold my interest.  I swear, Aion was the single most over-hyped game of all time, next to Spore.




    EDIT:  I would like to emphisize (sp?) on something.  I'm going back to this game because it is FUN.  Everyone in WoW treats it like a job, because the game is a chore.  An MMO is entertainment and should be played for FUN.  CO gives to the ability to fly at level five, the ability to look completely awesome from level one, and the kind of fast-paced combat system that makes the simplest and most common of activities within the game FUN.  Let me say it again - play this game!  Play it because of it's sheer fun factor.


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