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What is your interest role when playing game?



  • Gustav-greenGustav-green Member Posts: 2


    Gustav M.

  • haelikothhaelikoth Member Posts: 116

    i usually go for a mage type character or any ranged type of character. im no good with stealth and direct combat. support can be boring and i dont want people to get mad at me if i miss a heal and end up wiping the party. of course all of that is for video RPGs. if its for actual role-play, i use a different class depending on the story.


  • icaughtfireicaughtfire Member Posts: 109

    I always choose a warrior as a role in an RPG unless there are unique classes besides the basic class like (warrior, archer, mage).

  • swchieftainswchieftain Member Posts: 7

    I like several roles in a mmorpg. I usually prefer the types that can solo well though, such as WoW's Hunter or Paladin, Guild Wars' Warrior/Monk or Warrior/Ranger combination, and Pre CU SWG's Teras Kasi/Pikeman (excellent tanks, very hard to kill), and Teras Kasi/Rifleman (always nice not having to chase your enemies when they run from you), never really get into the wizard types myself. Sometimes I don't even want to fight though, so a creating, gathering, or healing can sometimes be quite fun for me. Unfortunately, many games out there lack in these fields anymore though, so the above is what I usually stick with.   

  • deathunomedeathunome Member Posts: 1

    I would always like to be a ranger-like class that can crit and kill before people reach me.

    or a close combat rouge that would dodge and deal fast and quick damage that could only be outlasted by a mage.


  • PalebanePalebane Member RarePosts: 4,010

    When allowed, I would prefer a rogue/mage hybrid. For heavy grouping, can't go wrong with a healer.

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