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Politician for sale

cosycosy Member UncommonPosts: 3,228

I petitioned this and asked all the relevant people and it won't get me banned or anything. i am CERTIFIED LEGIT.

For the cost of one 30 day PLEX, I will raise any issue in the Assembly hall for you. It can even be a really stupid issue. I'll write up a wiki about it, bring it to a meeting, and everything.

I'm charging PLEX since you can't scam with gametime, and it seems like a pretty fair price for anyone to be able to MAKE THEIR MARK ON EVE FOREVER.

so hurry up and get it. the threads have to already exist, since the next meeting is so soon. The deadline for purchasing your influence is October 24th.

EDIT: you can also have me leave your name in the CSM issue("this issue was brought to you by XXXX!") or remain annonymous. your choice




imo is ok to do that

BestSigEver :P


  • metalhead980metalhead980 Member Posts: 2,658

    You're not Cosy!!!!

    I know Cosy's broken english and that is not it.

    Im sorry unless the real Cosy posts I can not support this thread :)


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  • mmo4lifemmo4life Member Posts: 136

    Now Cosy....


    You know very well thats its perfectly legal to scam plex's.  The ETC / GTC  are the ones that are not allowed to scam.

  • MalcanisMalcanis Member UncommonPosts: 3,297

    The original post was mildly amusing, but the responses to it are hilarious.

    Given that CCP have said that it is perfectly acceptable for CSMs to bribe people to vote for them, I dont see why this logical next step - people bribing CSMs to vote for them - should cause such outrage.

    Give me liberty or give me lasers

  • nightbird305nightbird305 Member UncommonPosts: 272

     Yeah it's great that the CSM, who represents the playerbase, don't even want to pay for EVE's monthly fee lol. 

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