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SpyMaster356SpyMaster356 Member Posts: 4

(Incoming encrypted transmission)


(Subject name: Runescape)


Did I here the word "Runescape"?

Man, I could go on and on about it. But I have a charater limit so I won't. Runescape is a bit of a digital life.You are able to battle monsters, collect gold, gain levels, player to player trading. There is even a zone for PVP battles. If you deside to pay  $10.00 Canadian you can have your own house, more room to play, new skills, minigames, and other fun stuff. If you dont want to pay, then you still are able to do tons of stuff. You can level up past combat level 100, and max the free skill level 99. One of the best parts is the Grand Exchange, a trading system that allows to to trade to anyone even if they are on another server.

It is updated allmost monthly.

The SpyMaster356

(End of Transmission)


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