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Looking for a good PvP this might be for u !!!!

Red War Edems Curse is a great PvP and if u r looking for a extreme pvp this is the one for u.  There is no experience gained when u do and if u kill 45 players u get sent to exile for 5 mins to take on all bosses in game.  Dont get much more extreme than that.  There is more to the game than just PvP alot of events and has 9 different maps and a new one coming Oct. 27th.  Has good gear and weapon upgrade system and game is very challanging. It is a newer game and is free.  I read all this forums of players looking for PvP and new games so i thought i would post this. 


  • DaBombManDaBombMan Member Posts: 4

    i have recently tried game i like the game so far the community is small but seens to be good.  Love to pvp and cant wait for red war tournament again love that feature.

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