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What is your interest role when playing game?



  • PeterBrackenPeterBracken Member Posts: 1

    For me it the warrior which  always stands for  power and strength.


    Thank you for your comments! I appreciate them.....


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  • jonrd463jonrd463 Member UncommonPosts: 607

    I've always been partial to thieves, but no MMORPG has truly provided an environment for the thieving I like to do in an RPG, and it probably will never happen. As much as I'm always bitching about the FPS mentality entering the RPG world due to genre homogenization, I wish there was some way the gameplay of the Thief series of games could be incorporated. True environment based stealth as opposed to just disappearing; quests that involved sneaking, stealing, and escaping without having to fight, and so on. Combine the best parts of the Thief series with the best parts of the Thieves Guild quest arc from Oblivion and set it loose in an MMO world, and I'd be in heaven.

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  • hogscraperhogscraper Member Posts: 322

    Even when I'm not on a RP server I have a back story for my charcter in mind and my actions generally go along with that. The back story has been the same since I played pen & paper.  Mainly I play healers or defensive support characters.  When I'm bored, my healer randomly wanders the land buffing and healing those in need.  I always pass on loot unless I absolutely need it and I'm the only person in the group that can use it. I usually try to play a character that  once lead a life dedicated to his god or ideals, like a tibetan monk in philosophy, but has found himself in a strange land and not knowing what his purpose is he simply does what he does best while he finds his way. 

  • haratuharatu Member UncommonPosts: 409

    I prefer to be skilled in all classes and so learn all of them. Despite this I usually find myself choosing a mage type. 

  • Gritta_MiceGritta_Mice Member Posts: 12

    I like long- range attack and I love to become a bowman, because by this way I could avoild lots of face- to -face combat and strike my enemies from the back or at a hidden area. But strangely in reality I'm a very straightforward person and I love to make my counterattack open and aboveboard when I have quarrel with my friend. So I think in game I just get a chance to unleash my dark side.


  • Quasar451Quasar451 Member Posts: 18

    High damage ability, moderate to good healing ability, don't care so much about defense or tank ability. Can translate into many roles. I've been:

    Combat Medic / Carbineer in SWG

    Sabers/Healer Jedi in SWG

    Holy shock pally in WoW (during BC, not trying to say it works now)

    Elemental Shaman in WoW

    ...and the list goes on.


  • calwencalwen Member Posts: 9

    Mostly healers and range characters.

    somehow damage doesn't really appeal to me much, but I guess healers are needed most of the time and I like being in parties where I feel there's something I could contribute to.

    Range characters because I don't really like being hit and the only way to hit others without being attacked back is ranged attacks. rofl

  • PhuninPhunin Member Posts: 2

    I always go for the Tank or Buffer. Usually called a Knight and a Cleric.

  • Cephus404Cephus404 Member CommonPosts: 3,675

    Since I don't play any fantasy at all, none of those types fit me, but if I had to pick one for MMOs, it would be the distance damage-dealer support position.  I don't like melee, I want to pick off my targets from a distance and where possible, keep them from getting anywhere close to me where they can cause me harm.  In groups, I also like to be able to do secondary healing duties.

    Offline though, I'm the guy who doesn't want to get into combat at all to begin with.  If you're coming to fisticuffs, you're doing something wrong from the get-go.  Think your way around combat, don't charge in where your health or life is at risk.

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  • BoethiusBoethius Member Posts: 7

    I like a solo play capable class with healing and destructive, magic or divinely imbued, abilities.  There's something attractive about having contol over the undead though.

  • liva98989liva98989 Member UncommonPosts: 252

    I like priestes always and holy not shadow i once were a mage thats the farest i go for a priest i like help people and i don't like killing but its still a good roleplay charher i mean have you seen any groups that not got a healer of some sort xD and i can always go out and help any i want to a sweet cind healer or cleanser.
    i also like playing as a villager any played wow i like going around, but sometimes it could get a little boring (were are you hords/evil when i need you xD)


  • RoosterNashRoosterNash Member Posts: 283

    I prefer hybridized classes if at all possible (one that can melee/range or heal/melee), but if not I usually go for rogue style and a support class.

    THE Rooster Nash

  • fodkufodku Member Posts: 5

    I always liked my character to be long ranged which deal huge damage. It should also be stealthy and deadly like a ninja.

  • ScotScot Member LegendaryPosts: 16,094

    The class you play should not effect your roleplaying that much.

    If I am a Priest of Set that leads to a certain background. If I am a 'warrior' that means little.

    When you play a class you do not play a role. A class is a game mechanic, it is you who do the roleplaying.

  • ruud666ruud666 Member Posts: 22

    worrior with good attack power. sometimes i go with shield. but from now on looks like i considering speed-melee too.

  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,622

    I like to play rogue style classes, love dual wielding weapons cause I hate slow attacks.

  • EkhnatonEkhnaton Member Posts: 19

    I used to play big, and brutal warrior (ogre, troll, tauren or stg) the second variation is an evil magician :)

  • NeoWolf73NeoWolf73 Member UncommonPosts: 29

    I frequently find myself playing either Tanks because they are the easiest to solo, or pet classes because I love anything that summons or controls anything else.

    I also when given the opportunity enjoy playing support classes like Healers, its nice to be able to sit back and participate in soem way other than hack n' slash from time to time.

  • KingScarKingScar Member Posts: 70

    Warrior is deffinently my kind of role because,a warrior usually has a sword of some sort,i've never been too fond of bow's or staff's in any kind of game that has to do with those sort of things.The thing that sucks though,is that warrior's are usually the hardest to level up to.For example,WOW warrior's are the hardest out of all of the classes to level up but,they are still personally speaking,the funnest to play with...


  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    Priest/Mage but there's like two types of priest sometimes right?

    Priest and Wizard

    I choose wizard


  • kamikkazekamikkaze Member Posts: 83

    i love long ranged classes using bows or guns (depending the game). 

    LOTRO player

  • Pcgamer81Pcgamer81 Member Posts: 186

    i like magic and/or pet classes. guild wars=ranger or ele. FFXI summoner or black mage so forth

  • Kaisen_DexxKaisen_Dexx Member UncommonPosts: 326

     I'm a fan of Necromancers (in Fantasy Settings) or Chemists (in modern settings). I prefer to use Poison, Pestilence and Decay to weaken my foes while I drain their strength.

  • kaiser3282kaiser3282 Member UncommonPosts: 2,759

    I tend to stick with Ranger/Archer type classes as a main (especially for PVPing). At least when in games where it is done as an actual "RANGE"er.... not "heres a bow, and a few skills, BUT we're going to make you a mostly melee fighter anyway...."

    I hop around a lot of toons though and i always have fun playing assassin/rogue/monk (dual wield, high dodge, fast attack) classes, and usually make some sort of mage and/or dps warrior too, and ive had some of the most fun ever playing a healer in a few games like WAR (talk about having to bust your ass spamming spells, healing in RvR gets hectic). I usually cant stand playing a tank though, just way too slow for me, i like being able to take people out before they have much chance to react, not stand there getting hit over and over and hope that i can manage to wear someone down little by little before they get healed.

  • mmomonstermmomonster Member Posts: 11

    Ever since that start of my gaming career. I always use a melee type. Never was interested in long-ranged types or magic types.

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