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downloading the game, and Tryin to play. . .

joojoo1975joojoo1975 Member UncommonPosts: 275

i began downloading the game and played a lil last night.  today i tried to play the game again but it keeps gettin hung up at loading form. on the lil loading screen.  i don't have the full game downloaded, but i understood that you could play the "newbie area" while the full game was downloading.  am i doing something wrong?  anybody know how to get a work around?



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  • UW1975UW1975 Member Posts: 183

    Download the full client. TD Manager does not work very well.

  • SkarnSkarn Member CommonPosts: 16

    The server(s) may have been down for maintenance, although this is usually announced in the "News" section of the client login screen.

    Many in the LotRO official forums have grumbled about the TDM download.  I'd suggest going with the Pando download.

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