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Runescape has faild me

BobthesalerBobthesaler Member Posts: 37


Now don't get me wrong, I have spent about 6 years playing this game, on my old low end computer as a kid. I have wasted hours and hours on it getting to do and know just about everything in the game.

Runescape, unlike other games, does not offer thousands of high exp quests, useful side skills, or even offer a good Pvp system. Instead this game is a constant grind fest, with every skill completely worthless. Not to be completely bad though, every skill dose get better and better till around level 70. That’s when the game drops off the cliff.

Now most people think that the reason why there aren’t that many level 138's in Runescape is because it's extremely hard to get, not only the levels but the vast amount of cash to level up your summoning and pray. That's not it at all (though it does take longer than any other game I have ever played, I have maxed leveled on other games such as WoW). Instead there’s just no point to it. In the PvP worlds no one will fight you because your too high level. Evan people your level will run in fear for their lives. Now for all the PvE'ers out there, the highest level PvE content in Runescape (or at least the only ones worth playing) are

1: God wars Dungeon

God wars is a simple dungeon, you get 40 kills for whichever god boss room you want to go in. All that is required is level 70 in a specific skill. And they are all easily solo able.

2: Corp Beast

This is slightly harder, this boss actually takes skill to kill, but dulls out fast. You waste your time there for weeks on end, building up your drop potential with large loot share teams, then when the time comes, 99% of the "big" drops are junk. First there’s the Onyx Bracelet. This is a completely useless item and impossible to sell. Next is the Holy Elixir, yet another item worth a few hundred k but still not what you’re looking for. The worst part is when you get a drop like this they almost always kick you out because they know you’re going to be getting the sigle if it drops (not thinking about the weeks spent there to build up your potential).

All that is required for this I believe is level 37 summoning, extremely easy to get.

3: Tormented Demons

Yet another over simplified beast that can be easily solo’s. Most of the big drops are useless as well. Evan though these are the easiest out of the three, they have the highest requirement. Completing nearly every quest is the biggest part of this (there’s only 150 quests in the game so it's not that hard)

So as you can see there’s no good PvP and PvE for higher levels (people who get a lot of their stats to 99). This makes the high level game play extremely disappointing for there most dedicated players.


The game is not completely bad though; just don’t expect to be rewarded for your hard work.



  • InfoWarzInfoWarz Member Posts: 25

    I like your insight into sound like a true master of the game..but.. i dont get rewarded that much...really

    There is no ignorance in fact.

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