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Runescape's latest here.

BlisseyBlissey Member Posts: 515

In other news...

As part of the conversion of the worn interface and inventory to a newer internal file format, certain items now have clearer right-click options when using them. For example, the amulet of glory now lists the four different destinations it can take you to instead of just saying 'Operate'.

The Game Engine team have made sure the player list is now randomised to prevent priority being given to some players over others because of their IP address.

You can now navigate around the world map using arrow keys.




-What is this "newer" IFF they speak of?

Is it

A.) A new text format?

B.) A certain mesh pertaining to the inventory texture?

C.)A certain texture pertaining to a mesh in the inventory?

D.) other_________?




  • InfoWarzInfoWarz Member Posts: 25

    whats an IFF ?

    nah i think its just something about java textures or something like that..

    There is no ignorance in fact.

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