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Runescape HD Reveiw

GeneralY3kGeneralY3k Member Posts: 4

Well first we will start off with the graphics. They seem well aquited to the new in 3-d style but some complaints say, "In the distant its foggy, clear it up maybe?", and "It's nice and all but it seems to be lacking". I so disagree, the graphics are amazing, plus they are still in Development. Yes there may be flaws, but look at it this way Runescape has been striving on for years becoming one of the most praised games of this century. For the graphics RATING I give a [4.5 out of 5]. Now onto more of Runescapes other HD features. Anyone say menu???, Well my main point about runescapes menu bar in game play is a little "square"...  I'm a little displeased on this note. I feel since this is a well adapt graphical game its menu should be too. GET OUT THE GEOMETRICS BOOKS AND RETHINK! Little much but me and some of my well played friends along with other forum posters beleive that it needs a major redue. The overall verdict Rating on the Game-play Menu is [3.75 out of 5]. Now onto the Game-play, The enhanced graphic features add well when it comes to Game-play. Updated Monster looks, Hitpoint slpats, weapon styles and attacking styles. Just a few of the great things Jagex has done for Runescape. This is when it gets heated boys and girls. The 3-d graphics here are at their best. This acheivment is among my favorites(sorry syinky reveiw) Over all Rating [4.25 out of5]

This concludes my Reveiw of Jagex's Runescape.

General... That's right come back to that one.


  • ng_min_teckng_min_teck Member Posts: 102

    for me i rate them 9/10


  • InfoWarzInfoWarz Member Posts: 25

    hd is decent for 2009 but it still looks lackluster compared to other mmos on the market.

    There is no ignorance in fact.

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