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THANK GOODNESS-One of Jagex's BEST and most originally conceived updates lately- Photo Booth and For

BlisseyBlissey Member Posts: 515

07-Oct-2009 - Photo Booth and Forum Avatars


Iconis the wizard has set up a strange tent in a quiet field near Falador, not too far from his colleague the Makeover Mage, just through the members’ gate. He’s advertising there the wonders of his new picture-taking magic, which sends a still representation of any adventurer to a completely different plane of existence altogether: the RuneScape forums.

Expose yourself to the mischievous magic of Iconis’s impish business partner in the Photo Booth and you may find that the next post you make on the RuneScape forums will have a picture of your head and whatever was on it when the spell was cast. (Note that you can't pose for a photo while wearing or wielding borrowed items.)

There are only so many spells the poor imp can perform at any one time, though, so for the first few days, it might take several hours from you taking your picture to it being displayed on the forums. Iconis thanks you for your patience.

Mod Maylea

RuneScape Content Developer


Mod Heinz

Web Systems Developer



-Why does it take several hours until it gets displayed when the avatar set is merely a carbon copy of the already pre-set head avatars evident in Runescape's NPC-player response boxes?

a.)Is this a fault of Java technology OR

b.) Is it because Mod Maylea remaps every preset head according to the specific head-wear that the avatar is wearing DURING the duration when the spell is cast?

-I see that Jagex's attempt when they said "He’s advertising there the wonders of his new picture-taking magic" was totally SARCASTIC? How do you view this?

A.)Good for publicity?

B.)Bad for publicity?

-What does MOD HEINZ -WEB SYSTEMS DEVELOPER have to do with this new update?


-Why exactly did they dis-allow the typical Runescape Player from taking their pictures for avatar purposes whilst using a "borrowed item"?



  • InfoWarzInfoWarz Member Posts: 25

    yeah I love this update..good job meaylea and heinz for making some good interesting update this month!!!

    There is no ignorance in fact.

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