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good loot idea?

zohnnyzohnny Member UncommonPosts: 45

i have an idea for dc universe online.  there are loot drops in dc universe online. how about one of the things that drops as loot are dc comic books in digital form that players can read in game? i mean this is dc universe based on dc comic book characters. why not share in the rich history and historic moments? it would be cool to loot full comic books. it would be cool if we could buy them from auction houses from other players and even trade them. if youre gonna make dc universe online you might as well go all out and dont hold back on anything.


  • zohnnyzohnny Member UncommonPosts: 45

    i hope the dc universe online devs see this.

  • HathiHathi Member Posts: 236

     If anything SOE knows, it is how to generate ways for revenue.

    They intergrate card games into their MMOs (Legends of Norrath).

    They have their own virtual exchange market (Exchange servers)

    If DC lets them put easter eggs in their comics it would benefit both companies. Buy a comic book for exclusive in game items. Play the game and unlock online comic book entries or perhaps something similar (free comic book shipped to you after you redeem the code with DC?)

    Would be interested to see how they do things

    Finally - Best site for Chuck Norris

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