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my review of pdo

personally ive only played two mmorpgs,pdo,and conquer online. now comparing the two,id have to give it to pdo for the making your own equipment,the different an challenging quests,the mobs definitly,and the layout of the five elements.also,it seems to run a whole lot smoother on my old cpu than co.wich is a big plus to me,less lag,and with the idea of making your own equipment,you dont so much have to worry about making money in the game,or hunting,or farming as its called in pdo,as much as conqueronline,wich is a big plus to those of us,who dont want to have to pay lots of money to play a "free game" and still have a decent character,i also like the fact that its fairly new,and the servers(wich there is only two of)are fairly small,and the people ive encounter on my little over a month experience with pdo,have for the most part been very friendly and helpful to noobie characters,i just finished a lvl 50+ quest called the 5 elements quest,and ive got say it definitly puts the conqueronline second reborn quest to shame,it was very challenging,and it took me a while,and some help to complete. wich i liked alot,and the reward,besides all the lvls and exp i gained from it,not to mention the cool title of world famous,was a fairly rare,very expensive gem,wich i was able to sell for gold an pps(phoenix points) so i was very happy with that part.all in all id have to say,between the story lines,the quests,the mobs,(wich there are soo many different kinds)the help for noobies with lvling quicker(turbo exp boost you get like 8 hrs of quadruple exp boost if under 40 every week)and the noobie rewards,every 10 lvls till 40 you get something good,magic,reputation(wich im finding out is a big thing in pdo)gold,and even very nice equipment to help you lvl faster,the only thing i could say for conquer that may be better than pdo,is the pk or pvp system,in conquer there are only a few safe maps,an under a certain lvl is protected from pk(player kill)wich is cool,but,pretty much once you get lvled up enough,your fair game,wich makes it a nice competetive environement,so id have to give that aspect to conquer,but,pdo is by my oppinion as noob as i am to mmorpgs definitly the better of the two games by far i hope from reading this ive inspired you to at least learn more about this game,because to me,its definitly a good way to kill free time :)


  • williamrufuswilliamrufus Member Posts: 3

    I'm trying it and after 20+ hours of gameplay i haven't uninstalled this is a really strange think for a F2P :) I played almost everything F2P and a lot of P2P.

    I wanted an isometric MMORPG and maybe this is the best choice. If you like isometric games try it you won't regret it, this game need only a larger community!

  • xena91388xena91388 Member Posts: 9

    OOO I just started playing PDO and I love it love it LOVE IT!  <3 <3  :D


    It's like WoW but not as slow, annoying, and agrivating. And best of all it's FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! So far anyways lol. Unlike some other free games it has very good graphics and gameplay.

    In accordance with the prophecy, you will finish reading this sentence right now!

  • revengepdorevengepdo Member Posts: 3

    i played PDO for a long time and i am still playing, i agree with you guys it's a good game and it have lot of feature that let you out of boring,cuz you have a lot of chalenge to complet.

    this game wasn't based on money so you can play and get hight lvl without spend a lot of money like most of other game that i tried before. for exemple you can get Gems by killing mobs or doing quest.


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