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Mabinogi - a very high detailed grathic game like Harvest Moon

DSLA1195DSLA1195 Member Posts: 6

This is my last game that i played for about 4 mouths. i play some times to talk to my guild members. I am in the illiusion guild by the tir moon stone. I enjoyed this game very much then i decided to become a game tester for some games and left it. Right know i am testing Dragon oath and World of Kung fu.  The new games, you guys need to get a Beta key from them.

In the game you can start from 3 classes. Gaint, Human, and elves. The game is some what basied on War War 2. Gaints are germans, human are the americans, and the evles are the Jews. But that is just a Rumor i heard while playing. There are 4 diffent story lines called Gs. Only humans can play the first 3 Gs but  gaints and evles can play  the forth G. In begenner sevice u can be recieved by nao. for some reason the makers made some part of her move as she walks. I think it is to attract perverts. But i dont know much about koeran style games very much tho.


  • Jiggles123Jiggles123 Member Posts: 1

    Late response x3

    I couldn't correcting (Cuz i love being a know it all x3), the game was semi "Copied" from World of Warcraft. And G4 is Iria, giants/elves can play g7+ so at the moment there's like 6 story likes, and g4-6 is just mass updates.

    And Nao... Oh gees. In Korea, (I believe) they wanted to portray her as a motherly person as Mabinogi's mascot. And what good is an ugly mascot eh? America just takes it the wrong way....

    And the generation stories (G's) give special benefits. For now they only give titles (achievements that gives stats you can show off) Enchant scrolls (to up your equipment) and the Palladin/Dark knight transformations, which allow you to transform into a good/evil knight with super stats. Elves can turn into Falcon (humanoids) and giants into savage beasts through a seperate questline.

    In later generations, by completing the questlines you can gain abilities that can summon a dragon to rain a shower of fireballs, and even an angel-like transformations. Plus the touching and exciting storyline is always worth the effort. And you get to fight tons of superbosses as well (g1: Glas [name is hard to pronounce, but its a giant humanoid thing]), g2 is a golden golem and a necromancer, g3 is a dragon, g8 (g7 has no boss) another bigger dragon, g9 is an even harder version of Glass, and g0 is 10 copies of your character I believe)

    Finally, there are (at the moment) 3 types of skills besides transformation (Combat, Magic, and Life). Soon to come is Alchemy, which can be a mix of all three. It allows you to harness the power of stones to shoot alchemic spells, Summon golems (which you can control too), create and dissolve items, and even summon rain for the farming feature.


    Overall, I luv mabi :3 I think i've made that clear however....

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