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Halloween Costumes

 What should I be for halloween? Obviously I'm an uber geek to be asking this here... I was thinking about going as the /b/ but i ruled that out(oops, broke rule number 1 and 2). I also was trying to figure out how to be the internet for halloween. I'm up for anything not perverted. Also, I don't want to have a crappy costume of a storm trooper or darth vader. If anything, I want the 6-800 dollar costumes but don't want to fork up the dough for 1 day :p 

Forgot to mention, this is for a costume party. Go crazy, I don't really care what you suggest. 

NOTE: I'm willing to be an inanimate object(Such as a table)


  • TealaTeala Member RarePosts: 7,627

    Go to see a seamstress and see if she is willing to make you a gecko costume?

  • Xyfire1Xyfire1 Member Posts: 128

     I'm leaning towards Hobbit.

  • Rayx0rRayx0r Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 2,902

    you may have waited too long for a consignment, but theres several cosplay merchants on the web that can and will design about anything you want.

    Heres a pic of me and my fiance, both had costumes ordered from cosplay station.  Im Bowzer and shes princess peach.


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  • lekseturhelekseturhe Member Posts: 14

    How about yoda? that would be good if you can pull it off.

  • ChealarChealar Member Posts: 268

    Go as a mouse or as a fiery-red fox (with a blue logo).

    Or just go medieval (literally).


  • reikaleereikalee Member Posts: 79

    Last 2006 I dressed up as a Witch not to go trick or treating but to accompany my two little sisters.

    I am simply myself, no more and no less. And I only want to be free.

  • BalterBalter Member Posts: 1,015

    GO AS VINCE FROM SHAMWOW! come on you know i cant do this all day!

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  • PyrichPyrich Member Posts: 1,040

    I'm going to go as Santa Claus and hand out Candy Onions that look like Candy Apples.

  • ChealarChealar Member Posts: 268

    Personnally, I just usually take the easy way: black clothes from my usual daywear, some talc to look pale, and vampire teeth.


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