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LotRO 'Veteran' seeking new game/advice

Illuminatus3Illuminatus3 Member Posts: 3

So, I've been playing LotRO since Nov. 2007 and actively PvP'ing since Dec. 2007.  I recently decided to cancel my subscription because, as a PvP nut, I see no future for true development and progress of PvP in that game in the future.  Although I first joined LotRO because of the story, lore, and being a huge Tolkien geek, I love the entire fantasy genre (books, movies, games, etc.). 

The predicament I find myself in is that I'm looking for a new MMO (I love the community and 'social' interactions, and especially teamwork aspects) with a healthy blend of PvP and PvE.  That being said, I also like my games to have good graphics as a matter of personal taste.  So WoW is out for me.  I played Guild Wars back when it first released and wasn't fond of the closed PvP circuit.  Aion seems interesting, but I prefer to minimize PvE grinding in deference to PvP.  That being said, I love completing new/challenging PvE content just as much as anyone else. 

Anyway, what I'm looking for is this: an MMO with a healthy blend of PvP and PvE (not necessarily 50/50) in a fantasy setting with an open-world and fair/balanced PvP system.  What I need is some advice/insight on any current and/or future games that would match these features.  Thanks in advance

Edit: When I say open-world PvP, I mean either true open-world or open-zone PvP.


Addendum: Having played a Champion to Rank 12 (solo, small groups, raids and leading raids) and having played various Creep classes (including a Warg during Book 6 of MoM mostly solo to Rank 7) I feel that I have sufficient insight to comment on the LotRO PvP system.  As such, if anyone cares to read it, the following is a quick attempt to analyze why LotRO PvP is withering away

For those of you who haven't played LotRO, the PvP system is an open-world design with the Free Peoples (Freeps) fighting against the hordes of Sauron/Witchking of Angmar (Creeps).  So, by roaming around the (only) map called the Ettenmoors, one could potentially encounter 1v1 engagements to small group fights/zergs to large 24+ v 24+ raid-on-raid fights.  One of the main problems plaguing the Ettenmoors is that the Freeps are PvE toons which are balanced to work together against PvE mobs/raid bosses whereas Creeps are essentially PvP toons designed to work together against Freeps.  Here are some others as well:

-- severe imbalances between Freep classes relative to other Freeps in the PvP landscape (healing/CC abilities concentrated too much in a few classes as well as stark contrasts in DPS: ranged > melee damage)

-- Creeps and Freeps not being 'equal-weighted' in terms of intentional design by the devs until about 2 years into the game (for the first two years, the paradigm was that 1 Freep = 1.5 Creeps or more, depending on class)

-- LotRO being first and foremost a casual PvE game, thus insufficient resources devoted to truly develop PvP potential

-- Creep classes get tangible rewards (though not always 'good' ones) with each Rank: that is their toons become stronger the more they play where as Freeps are capped by PvE gear/traits

-- Too many NPCs with sometimes greater CC than player counterparts (a few Creep classes and 1 Freep class)

-- One PvP map for 2.5 years, albeit a reasonably-sized and well-designed one

It's too bad that Turbine doesn't have or won't spend the resources to develop LotRO's PvP, which is chock-full of potential.  I would have been a paying-customer renewing my subscription in perpetuity and buying every X-pac until the Ring fell into the Cracks of Mt. Doom.  However, I'm tired of the game.  Regardless, this notion extends beyond the scope of what I wanted to say in this post.  Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your feedback regarding other MMOs.

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  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

     good graphic would be aoc,but its dying 

    same with war

    nope none for the moment 

    guild wars 2 when it comes out will be perfect for what you seek

    aion graphic are ok,pvp will be insane ,but you dont want to grind so that rule aion out

    and you dont want cartoon feel of wow 

    so that rule rom,perfect world and all those game 

    so for now there are no game that fit you need 

    ddo f2p look good but im not sure theres any pvp^in there(the only f2p dx10 game 

  • a_namea_name Member Posts: 249

    I'm a lifetime on LOTRO and played creep pvp more than freep.

    I know about some of what you are saying, and while I won't pick apart your points I'll just stick with agreeing that the game was not based around pvp so it has few releases to improve it compared to the pve. The game is just more pve based.

    Here's what I would suggest to you.



    Try the chronicles of spellborn trial. It's free right now so you'll lose nothing. In fact, the entire game is free as they are retooling it so you won't be stuck with just 14 days or something dumb. Go on a pvp server.

    The reason I'm suggesting this game is because of the unique combat. Give this one a run for pvp and see if it suits you since that's your interest. The skill deck is far more interesting than normal click skills. The graphics are as good as you are used to so you won't be let down there. It uses a reticule for precision attacking so no click target - be anywhere and attack - you have to have some skill to at least target which is expanded on when movement is involved. This one I see as the most complex skill based format of all I suggest. The only thing here is that you can only fight ppl that arent your "house" affiliation if I recall so you may end up choosing a guild then a house to make it easier for everyone to be able to fight the same enemies so keep that in mind if you get into it.

    Here's a recent vid of some pvp




    The next one I would try is warhammer. Also on a free trial right now but days limited.

    I haven't tried this one because they ticked me off long ago by not inviting to beta after they promised "everyone that signed up would get in" a year later I got angry that they broke their promise. Big thing for me is trust, anyway. This game was built around pvp. It has goals related to pvp and reading any youtube development info you will see how they tried to make pvp primary and pve secondary.





    If neither of these suited you I would trail over to darkfall - this game is also heavily pvp based. The difference is I don't think they have a free trial of any sort so that puts them at the bottom for you.

    Don't do something dumb like try to go to wow for pvp. You will never catch up, the game is too established and too many ppl know all the little tricks and have long term groups. The graphics downgrade would probably frustrate you - compared to lotro it's like stick figures hehe




  • jackel1981jackel1981 Member Posts: 4

     I too have a lifetime sub and looking for another MMO to pick up. Getting frustrated with the lack of pvp development.

    Im actually looking at startrek online at the moment, looks like the pvp in that could be good

  • googajoob7googajoob7 Member Posts: 866

    i have every symapathy with the op . there really is need for more interesting pvp in lord of the rings online . i m not sure how far siege of mirkwood will to adress this . for me its my second mmo . being a life time subscribers means you never really give up you only take breaks . as for pvp mmo games at the moment Aion appears to do it better than the others . Warcraft used to have a lot of fun world pvp but the game has gone downhill quite badly in the last couple of years . Warhammers scenarios are a lot of fun but the rest of the game is pretty dull . theres so few people playing it now it takes ages to get into one . Age of Conan pvp servers are a pain because there are no factions . This means everyone is ganking everyone else . the pve servers are dull. The truth is there is no really great pvp in any fantasy based mmo at the moment .

  • Illuminatus3Illuminatus3 Member Posts: 3

    Awesome -- I truly appreciate all the feedback.  I love LotRO and the community (originally on Arkenstone, then transferred to Elendilmir... *jeweled bell goes jingle jangle*), but I've been wanting more.  I can't get my PvP fix from LotRO atm since I was recently banned for a year, which is why I'm looking beyond that game.


    Thanks again, and I look forward to more feedback.

    "What's the hardest part about eating a vegetable? The wheelchair!!"

  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    If you don't consider games like WoW and Lotro a grind, than Aion is the game for you. It does take a few days of playing before you reach the pvp areas but it's a game that has a great pvp and pve balance.

  • Illuminatus3Illuminatus3 Member Posts: 3

    From what I understand LotRO's grind < WoW's grind.  Can anyone else confirm that?  And related to that, where does Aion fit in?  Is it very gear-oriented?  Or can I focus mainly on PvP and not be worried about being outgeared/traited by someone that grinds PvE more than I do?

    "What's the hardest part about eating a vegetable? The wheelchair!!"

  • rindonrindon Member Posts: 78

    To put things into context for you with AION;

     There is a grind that you will have to go through as there is with every MMO out there to get to end game, but once you hit lvl 25 you will go to the abyss. In the abyss you have the NPC faction and the PC opposite faction to you. You will have numerous quests and will probably grind a lot in there (which I have done as I am lvl 32). There is a ton of PVP to be had. The abyss is crawling with opposite faction to kill. Last night there was a huge battle between us and the asmodains (other faction) with probably about 30-40 people on each side that lasted a good two hours.

     This game is mostly pvp centric, but you will have to pve to get to end game. You will be pvping a lot from 25-50.


    as for gear, at lvl 32 i could care less what I am wearing when I pvp and am still viable in group and solo against almost anyone (with the execption of a few classes that can either out heal my dps or those fucking overpowered sorc's). even with that said the element of surprise as you fly down on them is pretty entertaining.

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