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Looking for a Sandbox MMO/RPG

hash1hash1 Member Posts: 32

Looking for a Sandbox MMO/RPG


I love crafting and raising skills and trade and economy is also a big thing for me probably the top 3 most important. Also  a f2p game would be nice.

Any suggestions?


  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    Sorry but i really dont think there are any free sandbox games, only one i can think of is anarchy online but im not sure if that meets your criteria.

  • neoterrarneoterrar Member Posts: 512

    Here is a f2p sandbox

    Totally sandbox. =)





  • qazymanqazyman Member Posts: 1,785

    You can get a 21-day free trial to EVE by posting in the EVE forum on this site. Given your interest, you should check it out. It's the best sandbox out there IMO. It's economy is 2nd to none and they have struck the best balance between open PVP and closed PVE.

  • -Zeno--Zeno- Member CommonPosts: 1,298
    Originally posted by hash1

    Looking for a Sandbox MMO/RPG
    I love crafting and raising skills and trade and economy is also a big thing for me probably the top 3 most important. Also  a f2p game would be nice.
    Any suggestions?


    EVE Online has a great player run economy and trade system.  If space is not your thing you could try Darkfall Online.  Darkfall is a harsh game, however.  You will have to make friends to help protect you in the game and join a clan.  Most clans love to have pure crafters in them.  I have seen a couple that have all the gathering and crafting skills and no combat skills what-so-ever.  One paid us to help them go from one player town to another on foot.  EVE Online is harsh too but has a ton of protected space you can fly through.

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  • scuubeedooscuubeedoo Member Posts: 458

    Two other options: Saga of Ryzom, Anarchy Online

    They are both scifi MMOs but you control a character instead of a ship.

    Ryzom has very nice graphics and UI, is based on skills instead of levels, you don't roll a class - you can train every skill to max, though that would take a lot of years. It has a free area to play - the starting island - but the rest of the game is subscription based. There are quests, they are totally meaningless but they are totally optional as well - most people don't do them. The community isn't the largest one but it is very good and helpful.

    Anarchy online lacks both on graphics and UI but there is a patch that will come out soon and solve this with a last gen rendering engine. It has classes and levels. The original game is free to play, but expansions are not. The community is bigger than Ryzom's and they are good and helpful as well. The whole game has like 15-20 quests and nearly nobody does them except the ones in the newbie area. There are missions you can run solo or in a group (instanced content) and a huge shared world.

    My feeling is that both games have interesting PvP though i haven't tried it ever on either of them.

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  • HyanmenHyanmen Member UncommonPosts: 5,357

    Not true sandbox, but take a loko at FFXIV. The crafting most likely is as important as fighting is in the game, so it might have what you're looking for. It's not f2p though, but should have quite a good quality.

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  • Gabby-airGabby-air Member UncommonPosts: 3,440

    He said he wants a f2p game guys.

  • MaxentiusMaxentius Member Posts: 2

    Check out Roma Victor. It is $20 US to buy, and free to play. It has all the things you're looking for, and will be updated in the new year with a new engine, and updated graphics/animations.



  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

     MM f2p and good economy

    hasnt been made yet

  • mrcalhoumrcalhou Member UncommonPosts: 1,444
    Originally posted by Gabby-air

    He said he wants a f2p game guys.


    Well, he didn't actually specifically say he wanted a f2p game. He just said it "would be nice."

    Edit: I remembered! ^_^

    I was going to suggest Afterworld. It's a futuristic real-cash economy game that is still in alpha-testing. The real-cash economy means that players have to convert real-life money for in-game currency, but is free to download and free to play. You can pick rocks in the beginning zone and trade those to players for money. I don't know when you can begin crafting and stuff since I haven't played it far, but it might be able to give you the fix.

    There is also Fallen Earth which, according to that Beckett MMO magazine that I read at Wal-mart a few hours ago, players craft 95% of the items in-game. Fallen Earth is a p2p game though.

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  • theodoriktheodorik Member Posts: 7

    They exist?

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