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Keep coming back

RavenRaven Member UncommonPosts: 2,005

I have played L2 since the beginning of Open Beta, played it full time all the way to C4 then with a few breaks on and off until about 6 months ago, despite it being old, with bots, and imbalances it is still a good game, and logging in really does make me want to play it again for a litle while, I have my eye on MO , I have bought it and have Beta access I will continue testing it but I need to play something in betwee, so my old guild mates convinced me to play a bit more L2 until I find something else engaging.

So the point of this thread, I know L2 is an evolving game the game changes so much with every expansion and there is always something new to do, new I want to ask the people that have been playing somewhere between the last 6 months and now if you wouldnt mind sharing your experiences on how the game as changed and what is better, for both individuals and guilds? (yes i have read the patch notes its not exactly the same as someones experience, since some systems NCSoft decides to implement simply dont work, the seals system is a good example)

Thanks in advance for any replies and hopefully see you in game.



  • SwampDragonsSwampDragons Member UncommonPosts: 352

    Well the largest change is that people that are lower level. pre lvl 76 have gotten a real boost to catch up to Sgrade.

    Population I am not sure of, Teon is buzzing with life all the time even in the summer times.

    The gracia Final patch was a real nice patch "but" the arial kleft "pvp bird instant thingy" was a big flopp.

    Soon Gracia + comes and with it new nifty things.

    Prices are dropping below S80.


  • FuturisticFuturistic Member UncommonPosts: 41

     Well actually not long ago (just like 2 weeks ago) I really felt like returning. But after the whole "Return Key" crap I changed my mind. I didn't want to pay unless I got a trial for atleast 15 days for reactivating my almost 4 years old account. That's not my oldest account though, my very first account is from March 2004 (when the OB opened). But I gave it to my friend when I moved to my dad in Ecuador in June 2004  to study at one of the countries most expensive private schools, so I didn't have time to play games.

    When I got back to Sweden in 2005 I made a new account, and that's the one I have now. I missed Prelude, C1, played very little C2 on a short visit to Sweden. Then when I got back in 2005 to live here again, I played some C3, played SOME c4 (mostly the PTS server), and then a bit of C5. But that's when I started playing on private servers. I have a lot of good memories from the pirvate servers I've played on over the years.

    But now recently I really felt like returning to the official servers because of so many good memories. But I feel like it just won't be the same anymore. And it won't be equally fun because my bro quit playing AGES ago, and my two real life Taiwanese friends who used to play with me also quit ages ago. So I'll be all alone, and I'll have to make a new character. 

    I heard it's more low level friendly, but it's still the same since you'll be pretty much by yourself, and the beginning towns are next to completely empty. Not that I mind lone wolfing, because I used to EXP quite a lot by myself during the OB, but the comfort of seeing people here and there, and maybe partying with someone from time to time is quite important to me personally, otherwise it's boring as hell.

    Props to L2 being what will probably stay one of the best MMORPG's of all time, but its time is practically over. It was my first ever MMORPG so it'll probably always be my favourite. I've played Warhammer Online, Eve, Everquest 2, Asheron's Call, etc etc, and none of them top l2 for me.

    Good times, good times. I even have this little memory of good times in L2 here, my screenshot is the very first (okay second rofl) uploaded user screenshot here on^^ (in the Lineage 2 'Member Submitted screenshots' section. I also happen to be the first user screenshot uploader for Everquest 2;P). And that screenshot wasn't even my earliest, that was like in early 2005.

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  • TorakTorak Member Posts: 4,905
    Originally posted by Futuristic


    Futuristic, you didn't answer the man's questions what-so ever. All we know from your post is that L2 WAS your favorite MMO and you miss your 3 buddies.

    I'm interested in what people have to say (if anyone on this site even plays) so lets try to stay on topic.

  • FuturisticFuturistic Member UncommonPosts: 41

    My intentions weren't even to answer his questions;S

    Current mmorpg: Everquest 2
    Current RPG: The Last Remnant (PC)
    Current console games: Tekken 6 (PS3)
    Current PC games: Super Street Fighter IV: AE2012

  • Shifty48Shifty48 Member UncommonPosts: 24

    Well must admit even I come back to this game from time to time, but I do agree the starting places are very lonely.

    Places seem to be empty which is a shame.

    Yea I know the game is old, but it is still good, and TBO I would love to see them bring out a whole new Lineage 3.

    Completly revamp the graphics engine, and take some of the grind out too.

    The armour has always looked so good in the game, infact I would say is still the best, can you imagine what it would be like to enhance all that, as well as the graphics ??.

    Ahh well spose I can dream.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 31,516

    Well, to be honest, I don't like the changes to the game. Of course I'm a bit old school when it comes to L2 but I prefer the game up to C2 as far as game mechanics.

    The catas and necros ruined the game world in my opinion. They should have been implemented a bit differently.

    I also don't like the fact that one can level through the starter areas so quickly. I understand why they did it but in my opinion, adding compelling game play to the starter areas so that people are more inclined to have alts or even just hang in those spaces (perhaps pvp mini games or something of the sort) would have been better.

    This is not to say that it's not a great game. But I have lost interest over the years becuse of the changes. I was always waiting for something great to happen and alas it was not the case.

    Still, if one can find a great and active guild this game really can shine for those who like the changes.

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  • Kuro1nKuro1n Member UncommonPosts: 775

    Id say, L2 was a great game... and still is. They had to change it so new players could catch up. However the old game c2-c3 WAS good as well.


    Thinking about starting to play with the "nova nabs" again. : P

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