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Ok.......this is just sad

Can someone explain why people come on these forums, even other forums, to just complain about other games they don't like? 

Does majority of the populace really have that big of ego's and think that what they say really matters and must express it and then defend it?  I mean expressing your opinion is one thing, but to express it and then (explicit) about how the other person is a idiot, non-informed, retard, etc. person.

I think I lost all hope in the human race.

Everyone has opinions, but does that make them the universal truth??? NO!


  • BrianshoBriansho Member UncommonPosts: 3,586

    They just want attention. They think they have a big audience to vent their opinion but in reality they are just posting on a forum stuffed in the back corner of the internet down on the 3000th floor.

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  • sephersepher Member Posts: 3,561

    It's just the nature of any forum really. If you have something happy to say about a game, you'd probably be discussing it with people in-game. If you want to bitch about it instead, where else can you go?

  • Vulnero87Vulnero87 Member Posts: 182

    Yeah, but there's a difference in bitching about a game that actually has structure and is worded out intelligently(wouldn't even call that bitching really) than just bitching about a game and making yourself look like idiot. 

    I have no problem with people expressing their opinions and actually wording it out in a somewhat intelligent manner, but when people just bitching about a game for the sake of bitching......that's what doesn't make sense to me.

    Everyone has opinions, but does that make them the universal truth??? NO!

  • SgtFrogSgtFrog Member Posts: 5,001

    it is a discussion forum, what do you expect >_>

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  • skarwolfskarwolf Member CommonPosts: 245

     To the OP the best thing I ever saw was back in the EQ days this developer took all the negative commentary to heart and posted on the offical forums in reply to a particularly negative poster.  

    He said something to the effect of we don't care what you say just keep up your subscription so I can afford some new features on his porche.  He went into more detail and it was extremely sarcastic and amusing.

    Of course the anal retentive forum posters went apeshit crying foul.  The dev in question was forced to apologize.


  • Sora2810Sora2810 Member Posts: 567


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  • Man1acMan1ac Member Posts: 1,428

    To the OP, you're right. Unfortunately, a lot of assholes exist in this world, and also, you can't punch through your computer screen to the annoying retard posting that crap on a forum, especially when it gets all political/religious. Thank f*ck they created a section for that.

    We're all Geniuses. Most of us just don't know it.

  • InzraInzra Member Posts: 679


    I sure hope everyone express their opinion and believe it matters, I'd rather say there's too few of those.

    But yea I agree there's too much namecalling and personal attacks, or just hate attacks whatever the subject is. But I guess you get used to it, or at least less surprised when it occurs.

  • BrenelaelBrenelael Member UncommonPosts: 3,821

    Welcome to the Internet my friend. Please enjoy your stay.




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