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State of AoC?

Hej everyone,

After I played AoC from the initial start (headstart even) for about 3-4 months I quit because the majority of my guild stopped. I still like the game as the graphics appealed to me and Tempest of Set was a beautiful class.

Since then I have checked WAR, DF, both times back to WoW after and now Aion. And I still wonder sometimes: How is AoC doing today?

Do most servers feel empty and deserted. Are there still people having a ton of fun in the game? If so, with what specifically? It might sound strange, but I know how much WoW I have played since its release, but since the other games never kept me for long it is hard for me to imagine that it can keep others or with that it can do that.



  • BarteauxBarteaux Member Posts: 483

    Well, to bad you didn't try out the win-back offer. That way you could have seen the state of the game with your own eyes.

    To make it short. Yup, plenty of people play this game now.

    I also started out early in AoC, and then left around august last year. When I left I was disillusioned, and both the mood and the population was at a low.

    Since I returned early this year. I have seen a steady increase in  the number of players roaming Hyboria. Now there's even a substantial amount  of players around early in the day on weekdays.

    There are posts on this forum suggesting that population is low and is decreasing. I don't have any definite numbers for you, and it might just be my server (Fury), but population there is very healthy.

    What people do for fun varies (naturally), but a lot (at least for me) is centered around PvP. Mini-games can be fun, but is a bore if you just end up being farmed by premades. The most fun is finding a few people to play with and find some entertaining open world PvP. With FFA there can be some fun twists to the skirmishes.

    Sieges are the best (when they work), but fc still haven't sorted them out completely. They are allegedly working to streamline these, and I believe they want to improve this part of the game as it is one of the biggest advertisement points for this game.

    All in all, the game is much the same as when you left, but it flows a lot better. Less bugs, more content, more people.


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