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PvE group content of AoC


I'm looking for a new PvE game, aimed on grouping and raiding. Don't care too much about PvP.

I'm currently at the very end of my trial period, with a demo lvl50 and a guard lvl34. The problem is, I only managed to see the solo parts of this game: since Funcom completely isolates trial gamers by muting ALL channels other than /say and /group plus disabling the /tell function it was impossible to ever get myself a group so far...

So I couldn't make myself a picture of the grouping in any way... and since PvE groupcontent really is the only real reason for me to play a mmorpg, I don't know if I should actually buy this game.

I'd really appreciate if u could give me a small insight of what's the groupcontent like - just share your experience/opinion or compare grouping in AoC to other mmos ^^ Things like... the demand/priority of grouping/soloing (at later levels), the amount of groupcontent compared to other PvE mmos... how challenging the groupcontent can be at the end... etc... etc... : )



  • AercusAercus Member UncommonPosts: 775

    This will depend a little on the population of the server and your guild, but FWIW:


    Black Castle (30ish) - A fairly lenghty and early dungeon makes some people skip it. If you persevere a little you should be able to find a group for this.

    Sanctum of the Burning Souls (40ish) - Very popular and very nice rewards. Usually no problem in finding a group.

    Cradle of Decay (45ish) - Some people bypass this dungeon, but should be quite possible to find a group.

    Toirdealbach's Tomb (50ish) - harder to find a group

    Cistern/Main system (55ish) - Long, but lots of nice rewards. Many people run this multiple times, so should be quite feasible to find a group.

    Catacombs (60ish) - Harder to get a group.

    Amphitheater (65ish) - Very easy to get a group.

    Prison Colony (68ish) - Easy to get a group

    Scorpion caves (72ish) - Easy to get a group

    Halls of eternal frost (72ish) - Harder to get a group

    Caravan raiders hideout (78ish) - harder to get a group

    The remaining level 78-80 dungeons (Onyx, Atzels Fortress, Xiba, Crows Nest) and raids are very easy to get group for.


    Open elite/fast spawn/group proposed areas:

    Starter zone final battles (35ish) - Connal's usually easy to find groups, Khopshef can be trickier.

    Field of the Dead (45/48ish)- Hard to find groups for death to the vanir chain, easy to get group for Haunted Forest

    Eogliphian Mountains (58ish) - Hard to get a group for the elite bosses

    Ymir's pass (63ish) - Easy to get a group

    Thunder River (65ish) - Possible to get a group, but they don't pop up too often.

    Atzel's approach (70ish) - OK to get a group.

    Kheshatta (73-78) - Usually easy to get a group


    You also have the resource zone dungeons which scale to level and most solo dungeons can be run at Elite setting with a group for bluedrops from bosses. Finding a leveling buddy and/or a large casual guild will make it easier to get groups of course.

    I might have left some out, but this is as far as I can remember right now :)

  • Blackwell99Blackwell99 Member Posts: 352


    Here's a recent excellent thread for you to read. It's very current and it explores content in the view of players right now


    One player writes:

    "AoC does seem unique in how many people stop playing it while still liking it. That's an indication of

    not delivering on unique pre-launch features;

    not having the content (especially a sense of purpose) to back up the pretty graphics;

    and finally, having its most unique features -- sieges, FFA PVP, low-fantasy RP setting, etc. -- being its most buggy, imbalanced, and unsupported.

    (Worse, these core issues haven't been fully addressed for 1.5 years, due to having to deal with stability and feature down-sizing. E.g., how much effort was consumed by having to redo the animations for females having slower attacks? Etc.)


    Stacked minis of demonologists outscoring melee 10-to-1 is not what most people pictured when they decided to make their first character a Barbarian or a Conqueror, nor spending many entire PVP encounters locked in four different kinds of crowd control without any recourse, nor being rolled by unstoppable groups with BK buffs and epic gear in a "skill-oriented" game.

    And I can't think of any experience that I've had in three MMOs that compares in how it takes players from an emotional high to crushing disappointment like siege crashes: putting days of rhetoric, preparation, and excitement into organizing 96(!) people for a siege and then having it end five minutes in with crash ... for the 10+ time in a row. Nobody escapes unscathed when 96 people erupt in frustration in Vent.

    PVE raiding doesn't have the highs and thus lows of PVP, yet somehow it's the most disappointing area of all. The encounters don't reflect the Conan universe very much -- where are the town raids, etc? -- and when the next-door neighbor is a content behemoth like World of Warcraft, who expected AoC to pass up its unique IP in favor of bland 24-man tank-and-spanks? We went from "entire Thief-dedicated zones" and facing off with NPC guild cities, to being Barbarian #5 spamming combos at the feet of inexplicably giant, high-HP mobs in Low-Fantasy-Gray(tm)-colored chambers straight out of Doom 1.


    After 1.5 years, I don't get what the endgame is about. Judging by the rewards, content, and balance, not to mention the direction of the expansion, the message now seems to be stick to PVE ... but even for people who came to AoC to do just that: How many of them expected the current content, esp 1.5 years into the game?

    I pre-ordered this game on the strength of its potential alone, and even though a lot of what I came for never showed up, frankly, I'm still willing to be wow-ed by big promises. But I haven't heard any in a long time. Sure, we got off to a slow start. But what makes the future content in this game unique from, say, WoW?

    I Like This Game

    You can't be disappointed without liking something first. I marvel at this game every time I play. It's a rush to be in that rare successful siege, or to be in the premade mauling an unsuspecting pug, or to upgrade a potato sack with some interesting armor. I love the unique classes, the fatalities, the lore that peeks out occasionally, the pockets of dedicated veterans ... heck, just being able to sprint/dodge. But those are frosting; there needs to be a game underneath.

    The better this game gets, the deeper the disappointment once you hit the level cap or set some PVP goals and run into the gaps left by now-abandoned features. I've never felt that to the same degree in other games."


    Be aware of some of these points OP

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