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Veteran Rewards are announced

Here's the post:;   



Month 1 to 5 – 6 points awarded per month

Month 6-11 – 8 points awarded per months

Month 12-17 - 10 points awarded per month

Month 18-23 - 12 points awarded per month



Convenience Items

Veterans Path 10 points (reduces the cooldown on your Path of Asura and Path of Comrades)

Veterans Teleports 12 points each – Separate teleport items that share a cooldown that can take you to The Fire Beacon, the Hunting Lodge, Khesshata City, Iron Tower, Prison Colony or The Lair)

Veterans Home Paths 8 points each – Separate path items that return you to either Khemi, Old Taranatia or Conarch Village that share a cooldown, but are on a separate cooldown to the Totem of Origins

Basic Riding Training – 2 points

Basic Horse – 10 points

Advanced Riding Training – 35 points

Swift Mount – 110 points

Full Feat Respec – 5 points

Reset Feat Cost – 25 points

XP Potion – 2 points (stack of potions that increase xp rate for a given time)

Veteran Items

Straw Man – 5 points (allows you to summon a straw man similar to the ones found in guild cities)

Veterans Boots – 8 points

Veterans Cape – 10 points

Veterans Bag – 10 points

Social Items

Size potions – 2 points each (potions that allow you to either grow or shrink in size for a period)

Arm Enlarging potion (potions that make your character a little more buff)

Breast Enlarging potion (female only)

Fireworks – 2 points each

Companion: Casilida (will summon Casilda to cheer you on just like she did on the beach when you started your Hyborian adventure!)

Pet: Hyena – will summon a non combat Hyena pet)






  • AercusAercus Member UncommonPosts: 775
    Originally posted by Blackwell99

    Breast Enlarging potion (female only) 


    Who's saying Funcom doesn't listen to their customers?? ;)

  • Larry2298Larry2298 Member Posts: 865
    Originally posted by Aercus

    Originally posted by Blackwell99

    Breast Enlarging potion (female only) 


    Who's saying Funcom doesn't listen to their customers?? ;)


    I prefer coupon to Disneyland World included 5 days 4 nights, and breaskfast.

  • JackdogJackdog Member UncommonPosts: 6,321

    got to admit they are trying their best

    I miss DAoC

  • KrewelKrewel Member Posts: 390

    "Social" stuff won't remedy the situation with sieges and overall lack of content, both in terms of pve and pvp. You can have gigantic boobs and Yakhmar dressed in a fluffy costume, but it's still the same old content. And secondly, who is to say this is coming soon? Even fluffy stuff like this will probably take forever to be released.

    Well, at least these letters reveal their immediate concerns and their overall course of development and in my opinion they are going astray. Fortunately I left the boat when I did and I can see that I didn't make a mistake. The main problem for me is that AoC is becoming more and more... typical and "normal".


  • dhayes68dhayes68 Member UncommonPosts: 1,388

    Sounds to me like the introductory step to a cash shop. I won't be surprised if down the road as they expand the types of vet rewards, they then offer players an opportunity to purchase vet points.

    I mean other vet rewards I've heard of are just usually, "you've played for so long? here's a gift".  The way you earn vet points to spend on vet rewards just feels like the beginnings of cash shop.

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