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The Kings of Kings

x10122007x10122007 Member Posts: 60

[Guild change, info no longer correct]


  • skeaserskeaser Member RarePosts: 4,135

    Guild master tip #1: When recruiting, give your server name.

    Sig so that badges don't eat my posts.

  • x10122007x10122007 Member Posts: 60

    Yeah, as soon as I posted it I was like, "D'oh."

  • x10122007x10122007 Member Posts: 60

    Just an update...we have a level range of anywhere between level 6 and level 73. We're also quite close to acquiring a second guild tab. Last I checked, we were off by maybe 40G. I've also just added a website last night so it's a work in progress but we have a members list, forums, and pong (among other things)! XD



    The Kings of Kings

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