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EU Servers at launch?

After a pretty crappy expereince with CO re lag problems between my UK pc and their US servers, I was wondering if anyone knows if DCU will have UK or EU servers at launch? CO may be a particularly bad example of this (I've played several other games on US servers without the same terrible lag I get with CO) but I'm now very hesitant to pay to play any game that requires a transatlantic connection.

Just wondering 



  • pye088jpye088j Member Posts: 228

    I played Co aswell, cancelled now, from Sweden and had no problems whatsoever with lag. Are you sure it´s not just your ISP acting up on you? Alot of things are somewhat bad in CO but I and a few of my real life friends, with different ISP´s I might add, had no lag problems.

    All statements I make is from my point of view unless stated otherwise.

  • nicolsnicols Member Posts: 31

     It could well be ISP related and indeed doesn't affect everyone in europe BUT it is widespread - on the technical forum, there are several threads with 100s of people reporting the issue - what annoyed people was it seemed to take a long time for Cryptic to acknowledge the issue. after a couple of weeks they did and started asking people to post their ISP, pings and traces to try and track down the problem and most recently asked people to post if they were prepared for their technical people to contact them directly (I'll give them credit for that one - they obviously are taking the issue seriously now but it took a lot of complaints - that specific thread about the follow up emails and calls has 367 replies and over 12000 views). For what its worth, my traces suggested that I wasn't being traffic shaped by MY isp and the problems were occuring on servers on the east coast US (where my data entered the us from the UK). Calls to my ISP said the problem wasn't their end and out of their control (but my ISP, though the biggest in the UK, are also notoriously bad at blaming others for their problems :-).

    But the outcome is that (1) I'm not paying to play CO until I see evidence that this is fixed for other people in the uk with my ISP and (2) I'm very wary of any new game that doesn't have a local server, hence my question about DCU.



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