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So many hidden and potential bugs in AOC

On the picture as you may see I was doing the rare material collection quest, Brindled Leather. It took me some time to grind the boring animals. I finally got the brindled leather but the quest did not update.

It’s hard to believe that AOC lie so many hidden and potential bugs like mines on the underground. Quest like this shouldn’t happen to be bugged for a game has been released 18 months on the market. I

I already had 2 brindled leathers in the bag. Now, it will be third time to try if I would have luck to get the quest completed.



  • minitarominitaro Member Posts: 42

    Do you think this is the best way to report minor bugs to Funcom?  I do not see the purpose of this thread.

  • VultureSkullVultureSkull Member UncommonPosts: 1,774

    You again!

    How many quests have you done in Aoc and how many of them are bugged?

    As in your OP you mention 1 bug and declare the game has "so many..."

    Playing AoC is not complusory, as you find it easy and buggy why waste your time playing and posting about it?

  • AznmaskAznmask Member Posts: 178

    Hey Larry


    where is your Lv80? Stop wasting your time on those Trial acccount. HAHA

  • haratuharatu Member UncommonPosts: 409

    Having done the brindled leather quest recently myself I can actually say that I did not have that problem. Also note that the gathering quests are designed that you can not use already collected materials to complete the quest, this is to stop you just getting the items off an alt or friend.

    I suggest you report the bug to Funcom as it seems other players may not be experiencing it (at least no one in my guild).

    I suggest also checking if you actually had the quest and had not deleted it (i have accidentally done this before).


    EDIT: looked at picture... hmmm, you are right you got quest. just check if it had updated in your questbook... you may already have completed it.

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