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Star Ocean 2 - Second Evolution PSP

For anyone needing a break from MMOs or those who don't find any current MMO worth playing. Star Ocean 2 just came out for PSP. 

Almost anyone will agree that this is the most underhyped RPG ever made for how great it is.

It's the same game as on PSX ( with the addition of animated voice-overs ) for anyone still owning one, or a backwards compatible system. Just read the review and you will see what I mean.


  • calwencalwen Member Posts: 9

    ahhh thanks for the info. I really dig this game in the past. glad that I could play it on my PSP now.

  • reikaleereikalee Member Posts: 79

    I'm getting this. ^^

    I am simply myself, no more and no less. And I only want to be free.

  • huatoslynhuatoslyn Member Posts: 18

    Just finish Star Ocean 3 on ps2! :)

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