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Wu-Tang Clan Question


  • ribettribett Member Posts: 1

    From LazyTown... lol

  • KillerEwokKillerEwok Member UncommonPosts: 119
    Originally posted by ribett

    From LazyTown... lol


    Greatest first post evar

  • Loki_gzLoki_gz Member Posts: 13

    to be honest with you bro ... i dont really know but i think you get it when yu first join the clan. if not i think they are in different shops around the world.

  • shammashamma Member Posts: 4

    each clan has a village near the clan base,where u start.within each starting village there is a vendor/traveling salesman looking dude who will sell u 4 different types of clan based outer garment.the 1 you were asking about is just to right of the martial arts school,like maybe 30 feet at most.little old guy with a backpack on.he will sell you the DECO as thier called ,basically an overgarment that u can add slots to,up to 4 total.   and yes the 1 u like is the best looking one i agree lol. hope this helps...6 months later almost.

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