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Lineage 2: Gracia Final Launched

SzarkSzark News ManagerMember Posts: 4,420

NCsoft has announced the launch of Gracia Final, the third instalment of the Gracia Expansions for Lineage II and the game's largest expansion to date, on the game's five year anniversary of the start of operations in North America.

NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), commemorates five years of Lineage® II service in the West with the launch of Gracia™ Final, the latest free expansion to the legendary Lineage II franchise. Gracia Final, the third part of the Gracia expansion series, brings Lineage II fans a whole new continent and refined player-versus-player (PvP) combat. Other highlights of the Gracia Final expansion include more clan features, territory wars, new items, and new skill effects.

Players can log into Lineage II right now and experience the chaotic lands of Gracia, an entire new continent ready for exploration. To venture into Gracia, characters fly on airships available at the Gludio airship wharf. Characters who would rather reach the continent using their own devices can use the new aerial transformation skills Aurabird Falcon, Aurabird Owl, and the Kamael’s special Final Flying Form. While on the continent of Gracia, explorers can journey through war-torn lands filled with mysterious creatures and adventure in nearly 60 new quests.

The Gracia Final expansion also brings in Territory Battles, where any player, even those not belonging to a clan, can participate in epic-scale conflict and reap rewards from the local Territory Manager. Territory Battles provide a “capture the flag”-style PvP experience that rewards dominating clans with castle-related skills and additional revenue. In addition, the Gracia Final expansion introduces three-versus-three PvP arena battles at the Olympiad for the first time, and enables clans to earn additional abilities and membership.

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  • LadyRukiLadyRuki Member Posts: 2

    Hi. Good day to everyone. This is my first visit on this site. I'm playing Lineage2 South-East Asia (L2 SEA) region.

    Final Gracia  is  the most anticipated change in Lineage2 but the community of L2 SEA seemed like behind the clouds. Final Gracia should have been introduced last August but for some reason, it was delayed and now there are no news from the iAM Interactive / Asian Media Development Group (AMDG), the hosts of Lineage2 servicing the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, if the said Final Gracia Launch will push through or if the Lineage2 SEA will be closed. It's been almost 3 months now that L2 GMs have been very inactive, no new events have been introduced, & L2 SEA population is dropping but the server is still working at the moment and players kept on paying for the services, that includes me.

    We don't know how we can be heard. So I'm making this step to.

    We love Lineage2 and I hope this will make a difference.

    For all who can read this, you may wanna visit our official website forum for additional info. iam-interactive.com/boards/index.php

    Have fun reading.


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