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tatooin so boring

when i played he trailer i made a charactor nadwas sent to tantooin now theres no one in tantooin and its so boring the towns are so small and geting money is hard in that planetimageimageimagelol


  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236

    If you want to meet many people, go to Corellia , city of Coronet.

    Naboo , Theed , is also a good choice.

    Cantinas, Med Centers , Starports are the places to go.

    Maybe the visually most interesting planet is Naboo.


    Have fun


  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236

    Getting money for a newbie is dead easy. Get novice artisan. Get some resources from bazaar or dig it out of the earth as the tutorial instructs you. Craft a gas survey tool. Takes maybe 30 min or less.Or buy one from bazaar (red terminals).

    Choose an artisan mission terminal. Choose survey missions. Two survey for gas missions. Go to a shuttle. Travel to ANY city 1024 m away = which means ANY on same planet.

    Do survey .. BING ... two missions done .. get 2 new gas survey missions, shuttle back ... rinse and repeat ...

    If you choose your terminals and shuttleports carefully you can survey and get two new missions before the shuttle leaves (90 second window) ... which means in a very short amount of time you have earned several 10ks per hour.

    Even easier is JTL ... kill some tier 1 enemy fighters .. should be dead easy. You get lots of low level loot. Land. Send it to NPC chassis dealer for 1k per loot level. Hundredthousands of credits per day while you get better as a pilot. E voila.

    And many players are practically BEGGING to give you money, houses, ships, vehicles etc. for joining a city or guild (city is best choice .. you can always move on if you dont like it ). The community is nice and many like helping newbies.

    Have fun


    (Novarider on Naritus Galaxy)

  • JohnarkJohnark Member Posts: 901

    SWG is dying... Tattooine used to be sorta busy. Like Mos Eisley and Anchorhead had tones of people. Now only Coronet on Corellia and Theed on Naboo are busy with players. Guilds or malls that try to open on Tattooine end up closing a month later since no one is visiting or buying from them. It's sad... I miss the good'ol days of SWG when the game didn't suck.

    People only go to Tattooine for the badges and krayt hunting. And when I mean badges, I mean getting Jabba's badge and all that crap.


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  • RavenStJRavenStJ Member Posts: 309

    dying? i was onlast night and waslike ok last few days was kind of dead, and was like wtf people are back...

    holidays and certain times affect when people will be on or not.

    want to see dead,login to ac2.. or ac1...


  • TookyGTookyG Warhammer Online CorrespondentMember UncommonPosts: 1,115
    Yeah I agree with Raven, I see plenty of people around.  I certainly wouldn't say SWG is dying.

    Until you cancel your subscription, you are only helping to continue the cycle of mediocrity.

  • JohnarkJohnark Member Posts: 901

    Whatever you say.... still... I kinda miss the 5-6 doctors hanging around Coronet, forming non-stop lineups for people to get buffed. I miss the 10-20 AFK people spamming advertisements compared to the maximum 5 AFK people spamming ads like I'm seeing for the past few months. I miss the huge amount of lag we would get for walking around Coronet and the impossible to walk when arriving at the Star port.

    Wait a minute... less AFK spammers, less lag... hmm... I guess with less people the game is more fun to play. lol...

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    Stealth - Ambush - Hemorrhage - Sinister Strike x2 - Cold Blood - Eviscerate - Vanish - Preparation - Cold Blood - Ambush - ... you're dead! :P

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236

    Hi there,

    Lag in SWG is very much a function of how much RAM you have. I upgraded within 18 months from 256 MB RAM to 512 and now 1024 ... and the lag reduced by half each time I upgraded so now I rarely have lag at all. SWG does have a problem with large scale PvP battles, no matter how much RAM you have.

    I dont miss a single  AFK spammer :-)  And even before that it was not a problem because I put them on my ignore list.

    Always 1-3 docs in Coronet when I am there these days .. and I am a European playing on a US server. You dont find as much as before because they moved directly to Dantooine and Dathomir where they are buffing the hunters and/or those doing the force sensitive quest. And now that many people have their free second toon, they usually train one of them into a master doc so they can heal/buff in private (and their friends). Reduced the crowd for the Coronet doctors.

    Have fun


    (Novarider on Naritus)

  • momo_ukmomo_uk Member Posts: 5

    get off tat then !

    find yourself a decent sized guild that have alot of active players.... our city on farstar (empath abbey) has 4-5 guilds living there so is always busy... sometimes dont have to leave the planet except for guild hunts.

    this game can suck solo sometimes .. the fun to be had is with being in a guild and doing stuff together !

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