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really nowhere to get a open beta key?

justinopejustinope Member Posts: 46

I'm desperate to try the game but nowhere has any keys. how can it be open beta with no way to get a key? argh.


  • smellysockssmellysocks Member Posts: 230

    Sadly you were a bit to late, most well known gaming site gave away the keys before the Open Beta started, there might be 1 or 2 site's giving away keys this week ..if your lucky.

    Otherwise i suggest asking in the key request topics.

  • justinopejustinope Member Posts: 46

    :(   they should give me one for wasting all that time in guild wars however many years ago rofl

  • GoldenDogGoldenDog Member Posts: 586

    Why should you get something free for wasting time in their servers and not paying a subscription?  You've used up a lot of their bandwidth for only the price of a box.  I think they'd want beta keys from you lol (ie preorders).

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  • justinopejustinope Member Posts: 46

    true but its the equivalent of kindergarden when it comes to mmo's. may as well be learning abc 123's

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