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Is WoW "really" a MMORPG?



  • GoobGoob Member Posts: 398

    Bleeding Hollow - 17,796 players

    Of course, I'm not sure whether or not this site accounts for each subscriber with characters on each realm, or each character made that has logged on. I wish Blizzard would put the online counters back, like they did in the beta instead of 'High, Med, or Low'.

  • LuminiaCCLuminiaCC Member Posts: 3

    this could be the reason some servers lag, 560,803 all together it saids over 88servers, meaning to many servers, you cant have 18k on one server really or ur going to lag, some servers have 1.5k or less lol whats the point in having a server like that,

    if you look ff-11 has 31 servers and 3k + people a server meaning less lag etc, i think blizzard have to many servers right now and the best think to do if your starting this game is to choose a low server :)

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