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ZtekanZtekan Member Posts: 261

People are always talking about PVP nowdays , question here at mmorpg , is the pvp good and are the pvp better and such.

I just came of think of this.

I basicly started play on C64 as a little chiled but i was more of a Nintendo 8 bit guy. during those days we played Wolfeinstein 3d and Doom Doom 2 Heretic, with plenty of killing eachother, i rember i ran around in Doom 2 with my brother and it was basicly a frag feast. more and more games came , we played CounterStrike beta , Halflife C&C and you can basicly name 100 of diffrent games we played, that ppl started to play mmo, and it was great , for ppl like my self we have already experienced the thrill of PVP during the other games, but what is 12-14 years old kids intruduced today ?.

They are introduced to mmorpg where you suppose to collect and lvl a char and sometimes ppl get to pvp with eachother.

I can understand that young kids now days what more and more pvp in there mmo's cuss they dident get the 15 years of pvp like i did and never got tired of it,  they never had the chance to pull up a BFG 9000 or sit in a B-17 , or cast molotows at your friends.


So to you guys out there who whants to find a good pvp game,  dont look for MMO's there are much more and better pvp games out there than for exaple, Warhammer,  try Battlefield or CS or some other game.


Just a thought

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  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    I agree on the fact that for me PVP is so much more fun and exciting within the FPS genre, actualy always felt that combat was the weakest thing of a MMORPG as to me a MMORPG should deliver so much more then what I can already find in other genre of games.

    But when we truly think about it, there are not so much fantasy based pvp games similar to a fps multiplayer, I made a topic once asking if people would want to have a multiplayer games in the fantasy setting that would eliminate the lvlíng/questing, but get straight into the action like regular FPS multiplayer games but instead of it being full FPS they get the choose to either go first person view or like most MMORPG get into 3rd person view aswell having more melee/magic instead of just guns.

    I still hope that some developers will pick this up and creat more fantasy based multiplayer games, that way I feel MMORPG's can get back to it's roots and expand and evolve the genre, instead of in my opinion keep dumping down this genre till we are indeed left with games called MMORPG but will not be more then a regular multiplayer game.

    So I feel it's more about no fantasy/magic/melee type of multiplayers as you must have noticed that the majority does like fantasy, and there is not so much choice for them other then regular RPG games, but of course many also like to play with more people then 16/16, 32/32 etc something MMORPG do provide but then again we keep seeing multiplayer games evolve aswell where we get games like MAG(Massive Action Game) 256 people per server. But overall I feel it's more then many just don't like the regular FPS setups.

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