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General: Aihoshi: Importing The Korean Portal

Korean games tend to be organized into portals, where multiple games are available under one banner. North American games are not. This week, Richard Aihoshi examines how this trend has been translated West.

Richard Aihoshi

While looking at Korean market over the dozen or so years, one of the consistent and interesting differences I've seen is the greater significance of the major game portals, which sit far higher in that country's overall internet traffic rankings. The "big five" group of publishers holds the lion's share. Of these, the most familiar in the west are NCsoft and Nexon, while the others are Neowiz, NHN and CJ Internet.

According to Jinseop So, Head of Global Service for CJ Internet, this elevated degree of popularity isn't due to Koreans playing more games, but because the portals are designed cater to a broader audience. Unlike their North American counterparts such as Pogo and Miniclip, they aim to attract users of all ages and both genders, including the full range from casual to hardcore. So, when his company announced it was launching a global version of its site, Netmarble, I was curious to see what direction it will take.

Read it all here.

Dana Massey
Formerly of MMORPG.com
Currently Lead Designer for Bit Trap Studios


  • Nero_JinousNero_Jinous Member Posts: 32

    I love netmarble. I currently play SDGO(SD Gundam Capsule Fighters)

    I'm also waiting on the beta for DragonBall Online this month. Thank you CJI.


  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

     best way to bring gaming GLOBAL is to use same stuff they use where ever they are andmake us use english version but playable on the server they are why?theres a lot of player we ear of but we rarelly see them check silkroad online server are always full if it was true it was only bot they would have closed a long time ago.

    same for chinese corean ,etc all asian market ,the problem they bring the game here but not the player so when we arrive often its empty and we re like what the hell was the buzz about but if you bring just the game but bring us on your server im sure theres a way(then we see all the asian player the multitude of player 

    english speaker have started this trend,they dont bother with the english release anymore they go to the server of origin often we see guys from say usa but all the name around then are foreign name lol ,often you would never see that many people but since its popular their (asia)player have ton of fun even tho they dont understand one word lol

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