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Six-month payment plan question and how long do character stay on the servers?

EffectEffect Member UncommonPosts: 949

If a person signed up for the six-month plan at $12.99 will they be paying one lump sum when their card is first charged or will you pay $12.99 without a chance of canceling  out your payement information(would perfer this since I don't like doing large chargers but that monthly charge looks better, especially when parents ask where my money(that they send me while at school) is going)?  Just  easier to explain a $13 charge every month then a $60 to $70 charge.

Also how long do characters stay on the servers once you've canceled your subscription plan?

Heading out to buy WoW today, didn't like EQ2 and playing the free version of AO now(still enjoy the game) but its time to try out WoW which was my first choice until more info on EQ2 started to come out. Was a great game but just wasn't for me when I finally played it. So not bashing it in favor of another, just wasn't to my taste. Didn't bother finishing my free month which is why I've waited until now to get WoW. Didn't want to spend that much money so close together.



  • xanklarxanklar Member Posts: 83

    On a 6 month subscription you get charged a lump sum.

    According to the WoW forums at present, characters are kept on the servers for at least 6 months, but there was a suggestion that they will remain for a lot longer.  I think they have no definite plans to delete characters after any set period although that may change if it effects server performances over time.

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