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Finding your friends in WOW

Ran across an interesting site and wanted to share it.  When I started playing WOW one issue I had was telling everyone from (some other MMORPG) who I was playing and on which server.

The site I found is called Player Haven.  It appears to be a character registry that allows people to find other characters in other games.  A friend of mine looked up my character that I had registered there from (that other MMORPG) and saw who I was playing in WOW.

They had other stuff too.  I noticed you could post comments under characters to maybe warn others that this character had been ebayed or something.  That might come in very handy, as I've been toying with adding some comments about some people I've "encountered"...

Anyway. There's a public calendar system to post server events, and there's a silly little web game there that reminds me of a game from the early BBS systems.

Worth checking out, at least.


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