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Suggestions For Iro

KimeraKimera Member Posts: 16
I was thinking the other day that, How come its always sunny in ragnarok and how come it never rains, or theres no fog. It started bugging me about that until I relized more ....Its never dark outside. Also nobody has a home what are we all just bums that run out and kill things. It seems so sometimes  I think they should add those features




  • bballermc333bballermc333 Member Posts: 283
    i think that they should add some better graphics to the game, for a mounthly fee like that at least!

    Big Baller


  • hawkwindhawkwind Member Posts: 124

    Remove the 2 week trial to reduce botting accounts.

    Add GM s in game and respond to email in a timely manner.

    Add a few servers.

    Change from the windowed mode.

    Don't ya eat the yellow snow!

  • dauthimasterdauthimaster Member Posts: 2
    i think that gravity needs to get iro up to date with kro so that everythings even and kro isnt like two years ahead ne more.  another thing that they could do is get a little harder on botting, cuz it sucks, and its really annoying.  and like others have said, it could use some more servers.

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,345

    I dont think we are playin the same game. Currently iRO is 6 months behind kRO and catching up. Many weather effects are being planned to be put into the game in the coming year, such as night/day. As well people's accounts and IPs are permanently being blocked who bot at a rate of 20 accounts a day. So you probably might be talking to a person busy leveling. Also iRO really doesnt need more servers. When the rate on each server hits a continous 5k is when gravity usually decides its time to add another. With the current hate for this game the number of players is dwindling under that, so don't expect any unless there is an increase in the number of players.

  • HoangNguyenHoangNguyen Member Posts: 5

    weather plan won't be good because when it rain what those vending merchant goign to do >.<?

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,345


    I think the game could use more player possession. Right now players are in an unmutable world, not worked on by them but by gravity. All they have in this world is thier one character. I would think the game could do with some player owned/built buildings, mercenaries/NPCs that can be hired for offline duties, and I definetly want My own ship that can sail in the seas, with special sea maps.

    Also I think that adding primitive guns with different properties then bows can be a powerful addition. Maybe worse ASPD but better power.

  • chaosworldchaosworld Member Posts: 5
    UM maybe the weather thing is good but i think it would make the game a lot bigger to download especially for those people with dial up....

  • KaiiKaii Member Posts: 22

    Yeah its kind of creepy how the weather is always nice although Glastheim is an exception and lutie!

    A weather simulation would be rather nice.. Ragnarok always gets extra points in my book for the kafra staff -sigh- such beautiful work. Maybe making more out of pets would be good also such as being able to mount pet peco peco's.

  • dddrrr39dddrrr39 Member UncommonPosts: 25

    I suggest to add up a PET FIGHTING SYSTEM which pet will help its owner to fight n will level up to become stronger~ isn't it fun? ^^"

    But i think if this system launch, no people will make Poring as pet anymore~~~


    so, pet is better can evole like poring can become angeling then archangeling, pecopeco become granpeco~ (how about baphomet.jr become baphomet?) hehe~ ^^"

  • shanamasonshanamason Member Posts: 19
    yeah you're right they do need better graphics and the only flaw is that if you do the day/night system incorrectly it could lag the heck out of everyone who sees it.

  • dddrrr39dddrrr39 Member UncommonPosts: 25

    image hehe~

    I oso suggest that the day-night system can be turn on or turn off cuz not every one like it~ like myself, i prefer day, cuz commonly at night, the colour will be in bad quality,but anyway, i think there will be more player love this system.

    Try to imagine Glast Heim when it was night~ it gonna be very ...woo~ image Somemore wif its horrible BGM, wa~ dun play at night~ image

  • kasha_chankasha_chan Member Posts: 15

    HM... nigth/day thingy could be fun and a big risk, but I don't think it will be to the benefit of so many people. Personally, I hate the day/night thing partly because if it's a day night thing, you'll have to get some source of lighting so that you could actually see properly.

    Instead, I think that weather change might be a good idea. If it's kind of like a random thing of every 12 hr, then I don't think it will provide too much of a lag, I could be wrong...

    Always the same,

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,345
    If you really want gravity to take your suggestion instead of posting it on a forum, email them, both the Korean and the English staff.

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