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Like the idea and the footage but have some concerns

tboxtbox Member Posts: 372

 The game looks pretty neat from the vids and such.  My concern is that whether Global Agenda will keep my and other players attention for a period over a month.   Playing the game at a convension is going to be fun but I hardly ever have a problem with a game not being fun in the first day or week. 

I think that will all depend on how much customization there will be in regards to base setup, character customization (not

 looks) skills, abilities and so fourth.  Sure the game can be pretty successful even with limited amounts of these things because people play team fortress a whole lot.   But I think in order to take that type of play to a new level there needs to be numorus ways to play one map and one character in order for the game to continue entertaining players.   I would love to see an ability for agency comanders to place objects prematch  to beef up the strategy.     

I am not in beta so I have no idea how shallow or deep character template and group strategy is.  



  • JacobinJacobin Member RarePosts: 1,009

    My info is second hand, but my understanding is that that you have pve content, extensive character development (levels, gear), different character builds and team combinations, skill based competition, meaningful pvp and other things.


    To get an idea, if you look at screen shots you can see recon class characters with sniper rifles and others with swords. Based on this one can deduce that you could build your recon as a meele assassin type who does big damage up close, or as a ranger type who attacks from long range, and hopefully many other options as well. So its like an FPS, but with  mmorpg elements in terms of group play and character development.


    Ideally, people would stick around because its offering new ideas in a recently stagnant genre and will focus on making combat and gameplay constantly challenging and thus fun from level 1 rather than 90% of the game being a grindy chore to get to the 'good stuff'.


  • ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161

    I've been playing (alpha testing) for a year now, and I'm not tired of it yet. I generally get bored of shooters quickly, or never make it to max level in MMO's (I've only hit max in two MMO's I think.) Orginized team play is very deep.

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