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Looking for a new turn based Civ type game

Einherjar_LCEinherjar_LC Member UncommonPosts: 1,055

I am a big fan of the Civ series and played the bejezus out of Galactic Civillizations 2(awesome game IMO).


Now I am looking for recommendations on a new game similar to those.


A link to listings similar to what we have here for MMO's would be nice too.






Because now is apparently hard to spel gud!

Einherjar_LC says: WTB the true successor to UO or Asheron's Call pst!


  • AlternationAlternation Member Posts: 7

    I'm a huge Civ fan, but I can;t think of anything that is really like it. 

    Though I would suggest Pox Nora for a great strategic turn based game.  It is multiplayer mainly and the turns are timed so you have to act fast when playing.  There is a free version, or you can buy cards to make your own 'deck' and your own playstyle. strategy.  If you like TBS games, you must try Pox Nora. 

    Don;t expect much for graphics.  But the strategic variety is endless. 

  • kazmokazmo Member Posts: 715

    There are many, but most start to delve into the WW2 style of things. Strictly battle-focused arm chair general games.

    Have you ever tried Sins of  a Solar Empire? If you liked Galactic Civilizations II, then you should definitely like Solar Empire. It's a hybrid of turn-based and real time.

    Also, if you haven't played either Medieval 2: Total War or Empire: Total War, then you should. It's turn-based map-strategy with real-time large scale battles. Very fun stuff, once you get into it you really get involved in planning your world domination. (Or defeating the French as soon as possible...)

  • TheutusTheutus Member UncommonPosts: 636

    Definitely try Sins. I'm waiting for Elemental.

  • desecratedesecrate Member Posts: 75

    if your into scifi strat games i would highly reccommend Sword of the Stars and its expansions really good game its turned based empire building with real time combat and the ability to blow pieces off enemy ships that accually have a weakining effect on them and the graphics are really good you could prolly look on youtube to get a look at combat. if you like it i would reccomend buying them on impulse stardocks version of steam but much better imo. i have it with all xpacs and i love it.

  • Einherjar_LCEinherjar_LC Member UncommonPosts: 1,055

    Thanks for all the suggestions.


    I'll give them a try!

    Einherjar_LC says: WTB the true successor to UO or Asheron's Call pst!

  • Pkmn_knightPkmn_knight Member Posts: 60

    May I suggest Europa Universalis , Victoria and Hearts of iron? 

  • Einherjar_LCEinherjar_LC Member UncommonPosts: 1,055

    I will check those out as well Pkmn.


    Thanks for the input!

    Einherjar_LC says: WTB the true successor to UO or Asheron's Call pst!

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