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A mmo for my old PC

SeisSeis Member Posts: 8

Well specs are fairly terrible,  2,4g processor, 512ram and 128 graphics card. PWI ran fairly well, so did Knight Online. 

Would prefer p2p as I hate cash shop dependent games like mentioned above, grind ain't an issue, neither are amazing graphics, decent PvP and an active community is what I'm after,.


Was thinking of trying DAOC but don't want to invest my time/money in a game that's virtually dead, although heard the merging of server's will improve things?


Never tried WOW but might give it a shot if all else fail's, the pvp is terrible so I've heard? And also the issue with my PC being able to handle it.





  • u18bu2sa0ku18bu2sa0k Member Posts: 144

    im a PvP player myself and WoW's pvp is implemented very good and i had lot of Fun/Challengive/Unfair  fights, rouges *cough cough* but thats all part of the game and how well you actually play with your char. after *mastering it* you will overcome rouges even with casters.


    in my opinion with that rig your best bet is:   World of Warcraft.

    Cataclysm is coming.

    im sure it will increase  the system requirements but we are talking about Blizzard, im pretty sure they gonna optimize for older rig's but dont expect to play it maxed.


    in the end it all comes down to personal taste i guess,its your choice mate.


    edit:i mixed expect with except, now its fixed

  • NeikenNeiken Member Posts: 254

    WoWs pvp may be alotta things, but one of the things it is, fun. And with those specs, id say if you havent played it you should. Give the two week trial a try. While your downloading it look through afew of the realm forums and get a good idea of which one your gonna try. If your worried about pvp you can also find out which battlegroup is the "best" currently by asking around in afew of the battlegroup forums. Id also suggest a PVP server. Even though open-world pvp isnt as great as it used to be, its still fun. And the low level zones are uncontested so you dont have to worry about being killed early on. WoW has alotta haters in this forum, but dont let that stop you from seeing what its really like.


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