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What can DCUO do to make themselves stand apart?

fansedefansede Member UncommonPosts: 960

 How does DCUO stand apart now?

Customization meaning something - sure you can load that rocket launcher on your back at character creation. In fact, now your character can use the rocket for a burst of fuel. Want wings instead. Sure you can fly as well, but slower than a rocket. Want a gun holster? You gain a gun attack. What is to prevent from players becoming walking war devices? Encumberance. Put a base value a character can carry effectively. Large items have large encumberances.

- Customize your weapon. Want to pick sword slashing powers? Give us the option to change the weapon. I want a hammer, a flail, a whip. No need to chang stats or recalculate initial numbers. the change is cosmetic, but it moves the customization bar up.

- Customize your ability to move physical objects. Maybe I don't want to pick up something over my head. Maybe I want to kick it like a foot ball, Slam my shoulder into it, or use a gadget to hurl it towards my target. I also want to grab and throw enemies (not already frozen).


- Beat CO to the punch with drivable vehicles as a mode of transportation

- New powers: Elasticity (range punch - DPS,  Coil (CC a mob), Hurl (grab opponent and throw), Goo (toss a gob of goo - debuff movement, attack values, Puddle of Goo (AOE Root), Suffocate (DOT), Goo Form (hard to damage), etc.

What else can they do to make DCUO a game to look foward to playing instead of something to try because we are bored.


  • xaldraxiusxaldraxius Member Posts: 1,249

    Pretty good suggestions. I can only hope we'll see some of that stuff in the game. If not all there's left to look forward to is MUO.

  • roach5000roach5000 Member Posts: 77

    yeah I didnt think about vehicles but any game that has Batman has to have vehicles in it

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